Flight 370, 239 passengers, Vanished to where?

one has to ask, is this something like another Bermuda Triangle Mystery?

kiss sunrise

Is that really a kiss of sunlight being sent our way? The picture is real, so is the sun flare that creates what looks like a kiss. However, it is a sun-flare, even though it is highly unlikely it would occur in the image of a kiss, that is what is unusual, not the flare, but its shape. Why? did this happen? I don’t know, it just did occur.

It is a very old saying, however improbable, when the facts are gathered, whatever you are left with after analyzing the data, is probably the truth, no mater how bizarre it seems at the time.

What you are left with, may be a unsolvable mystery. Flight 19 is still not solved as a mystery. Ships found at sea, no one on board, still a mystery. People vanish, literally, as in they walk around the corner, never to be seen again? Fact, such stories exists!

In nautical theme, aviation compasses, malfunction, reason why unknown! Ship compasses malfunction, reasons why unknown! Usually by, a ninety degree error? Fact this is frequently reported. Fact there are places on land, compasses will not function correctly. Fact there are two places known on earth as zones of silence, nothing electronic in nature will function there, and mechanical machines have tendency to not function, and sound acts differently in its physics.

Time, space, laws of physics, perception of dimensions, directions, passage of time, and events happening around us, all become strange and disorienting in certain locations upon this earth. It has even been reported that human behavior can change, become illogical, reason why, unknown.

canyon of snow

Synchronicity is so often, the culprit? Notice the cement wall exposed, yet we just got sixteen inches of snow, how? There is a clue, notice the ridges in the snow? They are wind ridges. The snow blew away in strong winds, but this snow is older snow, so the wind was only able to shape it, like it does sand dunes, but fresh snow it simply picked up and blew away. Synchronicity had to take place for this to happen.

What else had to happen? I had to show up with a camera, see this image, and take a picture, or you would of never seen what you are looking at. I also had to share the picture, or again, you would never of seen this picture.

Synchronicity is still one of the strangest forces in nature we do not understand. We don’t even know all the variables involved that creates this force! Vortexes is a good example. Time is often distorted in vortexes, nine hours becomes four? Miles traveled should of taken nine hours, but it didn’t, and the speed suggested something was traveling at, not possible? Yet in the end what is impossible, when all the facts are in, is what you have, the impossible must have happened, often the mystery is in fact, synchronicity!

It is a fate not chosen, or the choice leads us to it, but we had not a clue, of the fate synchronicity was about to play in our life, or in lives of many. It truly is, a mystery force we still struggle to understand.

awesome sunrise sil trees best

Flight 370, with 239 people on board, has so many clues, almost coming together to tell the story of what happened, and yet, always, not quite making sense. The only ones that know, were on that plane. Clearly, airlines again need to review procedures of planes when flying, for the safety gaps is a certainty so far in the investigation. There are significant flaws in aviation practices. Including lack of diligence in how technology is used, and designed, major flaws in policy issues.

These lessons, already clear and learned i hope, and changes will be made.

What greater act of terror, than to simply make a plane disappear? It gives as a trigger, rise to a primal emotion, fear of the unknown? It does not have to be an act of destruction, only an act that triggers a fear response within us! Our imagination, will do the rest. Far more effectively than any act of destruction could ever create as in to create intimidation by sense of fear!!!


In the darkness of unknowns, is the twilight zone of synchronicity, and scientist know, this is truly one of the greatest mysteries that if we ever understand, would be as revolutionary as breaking the genetic code of the double helix, the code of life itself.

snow glove

The hand of man changed the course of this plane. Now fact they say. The hand that determined this action as a choice? We may never know the answer. Someone knew this plane could survive flying at 48,000 feet, or was that, just luck. They knew how to fly by visual only. A auto pilot is not programmed to take such variables into account!!! An unregistered airport, or unauthorized, could not be flown into by autopilot, seems likely as fact so far.

The crew had issues, possible, and the engineer on board, possible unknown factor, many unknowns that may of played a hand in this mystery. The pings in fact, measure synchronicity! In a crude way for sure. Did anyone notice the flight path they show flown, is a hieroglyphic symbol? It is also a symbol used to represent a function of a electronic device? It actually is a picture of the vertical path of the flight on a horizontal grid. The plane flew a path that drew a map? Or maybe, it doesn’t mean, anything, just a chance occurrence, called, synchronicity.

ice formations cool

Have you ever wondered why ice makes some of the formations it does when forming icicles? So do you see the person in this photo? What are they carrying? Mysteries surround us, synchronicity is one of the most mysterious.

flight 370 and the 239 people on board? If only they could tell their story, we may never know?

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