Bio-Precipitation: Pseudomonas Syringae, The Protein of Rain. (Part two)

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I’m sure Spongebob Squarepants knows all about this bacteria and its surface protein with unique capacity to turn water to ice above a temperature of 32 degrees. Yes, you read that correctly, this protein can turn water into ice above the temperature of 32 degrees!!!

Isn’t it amazing all the bio technology you can find in Mother Nature? The bacteria known as P. Syringae, is the rainmaker of the plants. They seed the clouds with the potential for rain, regulating at what point in time the clouds release their moisture as rain. They are not the only variable in the equation, but very significant to the cycle.

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I can see Dora the Explorer doing a show for children on P. Syringae. Imagine the looks on children faces when they see a test tube of water well above 32 degrees suddenly turn into ice by adding a few drops of P. Syringae.

So where do you find the amazing bacteria? Oh my the answer will probably surprise you!!! She, my choice of words, is everywhere, she is found around the globe, and of course this makes sense, she is the rainmaker of the plants!!!!

But you will say, “I thought rain was when water vapor condensed by cold air formed clouds, then rain.


Naw, the cycle of rain isn’t that simple  really, but far more complex. There are many variables that effect the cycle of rain. This microbe grows on plants such as corn. Yep a colony of bacteria grows on corn, and the winds scoop up this little gem the plants are host to and once in the air, they can grow or replicate in the clouds. As the smaller water droplets come in contact with the proteins of this bacteria, this unique property of the protein to freeze water above 32 degrees means it literally captures water vapor, accumulates it until you have, a raindrop!!!! Millions of raindrops..

There is also a strain of this kind of Bacteria that lacks the protein to create ice crystals. Why? The plants signature message to the bacteria helps keep them in balance as to ability to regulate amounts of rain needed.

are you ready, this will blow your mind, really!!!! Water without this bacteria, known as pure water, freezes at -40 degrees Celsius!! It must have the P. Syringae to freeze at zero degrees Celsius!!!


Right about now I’m thinking you are having many thoughts, ideas, and none are thoughts you have had before? Did you know water was alive, that life existed in the clouds above and the plants give life to the clouds. That the plants have the ability to regulate positive P. bacteria, or negative P. bacteria as a way to regulate rain. The negative strain is important, but is especially important to farmers  and to manufactures of genetically modified food.

Now we come to what might be the catastrophe in this story.

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The farmer does not want to lose there crops to frost. They see frost as the plants ability to turn water to ice at temperatures above 32 degrees as a characteristic worth getting rid of. So the crops are genetically modified through gene therapy to only produce the minus protein in the bacteria P. Syringae.  Hence the plants forget, are sterilized in their ability to produce rain.


When you mess with, Tamper with the signature wisdom of the plants, you are effecting climate change, and it appears it is not for the better. In effect it is greedy farmers, agriculture companies, destroying the very resource they depend on for profit. They help preserve each crop, at the cost of extreme droughts, flooding rains, extreme weather.

this disruption of the Bio-Precipitation cycle is more profound than scientist had realized!!! The crops grown in the United States, may now create drought in Europe, or maybe its a flood instead. What it is not is a balanced cycle of rainfall only the plants know how to create. Again Man shows his pride, and nature says, Nope, your intellect is no where near as advanced as you give yourself credit for, and your technology is dangerous to me, and I sustain your life!!! Oh so true, truth is stranger than fiction..

Will leave you with a believe it or not statement, that the rain dance really does work, and can now scientifically be proven. The dust kicked up in the dance, puts more positive charged P. Syringaue into the air, hence, creates rain. But they inspired rain by inspiring nature to do so, they did not try to tamper with the design of nature. They respected her wisdom, and constantly learned from her.

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