when nature painted the world covid

when nature painted the world covid 19

In December we were going about daily life as if nothing was going to happen that unusual nor profound. In January we were reading about an outbreak of a new disease over in China. most Americans still thought this disease, Covid 19 was far away and probably thought of it as a remote possibility of effecting their lives. By the end of February those well informed knew differently, but most Americans simply went about there daily life unconcerned. They did not know they were only a week away from feeling the effects of a worldwide pandemic. Nor did they care.

The experts started sounding the alarm, but as fate would have the final say,, none the less a strange and odd man as president of the united states, did not heed the warnings. Like everything else he has done and will do, he scorned and ridiculed the truth, preferred to tell Americans lies, and most astounding of all, they believed his lies and scorned the truth the experts were trying share.

By mid march america became indignant. The world, small world they live in, self centered world, was invaded by a virus they could not even see and all they knew as normal changed in a matter of days to two weeks.

Relentlessly many americans believed trump when he told them lies about the severity of the disease. Lies about how bad it would be, and more lies about possible treatments.. In their ignorance and arrogance, they believed the lies of a fool, for it was what they wanted to hear. Not the truth but what would feed their selfishness and denial.

Other leaders of the world knew better and looked on, laughing at Americans stupidity. It would only get worse as republicans made Covid 19 into a instrument of political warfare, whose dire implications was no less than genocide of certain races and people of low social economic status. While other nations fought the disease, trump and his republican henchmen used it as a weapon against the very people that elected them to office.

Unto their death some have remained loyal to the lies. They defied the evidence, and called it a hoax. They refused to social distance, refusing to wear masks, and some have even committed murder defending the right to not wear a mask and spread the disease all in the name of freedom?

It seems very specific as to whose freedom is of concern, only theirs!

This nation is divided between trump loyalists, repubicans, and those that tried to understand the truth and cope with the reality of covid 19..

Divided between those that care about their neighbors, and those that don’t. Divided between those that understand the measures that need to be taken like shutting down the economy tell measures can be put in place to protect everyone as much as possible, and those that worship money no matter how many die as the cost of their selfishness and greed.

We mourn this day more than the death of Americans that sacrificed their life to protect freedom in this world, in our country and other countries. We mourn the sacrifice of Americans that died from covid 19 because other Americans, did not fight for their freedom, but only expressed and protected their own selfish version of freedom, at the cost of the lives of other Americans.

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Fall is a Severe Weather Month.

Fall is a Severe Weather Month

Fall is usually thought of as the season of harvest, fun,, scenic rides, amazing fall foliage.  Well that is all true but there is another side of fall few think about. October is the month of Hurricanes in Northeast. If not a Hurricane, Nor easter with rain and snow very possible. At very least days of rain with totals of 2 to 3 inches of rain possible. 

Out West you get the strong winds and forest fires that are relentlessly proving to be deadly every year.  Imagine watching the smoke on the mountain in back of you turn into flames. Fanned by sixty mile an hour winds you have few options. Get out now, if you stay then maybe die. With hurricane force winds, over a hundred thousand under evacuation orders.. 

We looked it up and the average speed of a wildfire is 6mph. Depending on terrain, winds, statistics showed speeds up to 12mph. You can walk at only 3mph, and if you run, even the best long distance runner in the world would struggle to run at 12mph for a hour in excellent conditions. Your not going to outrun a forest fire. If the road of escape runs parellel to the fire, there is almost no hope if you leave to late even if driving a car.

Visibility worse than in a soupy fog. Burning embers can fly for miles and start spot fires that can quickly grow into major fires.. Rain cannot put them out really, nor can a snowstorm. Water? Has to be transported in.. Usually airlifted. Remember that California doesn’t have an abundance of water. Your lucky in southern California to find a brook. Rivers are usually empty except during the rainy season.

Have you ever wondered what is it that is burning? I was surprised to see that its not really trees that are burning. Not like you would visualize if your from the northeast.. 

It is a combo of some trees and most of it is shrubbery.

This is Casper National Park. Gives you an idea of what a hiking trail looks like, what the terrain is like… Many trails sit like a foot or more below ground level out there. So unlike in the Northeast, you don’t leave the path, trail very easily when hiking in Southern California. For me this created a eerie feeling. Your literally hiking through the terrain on the only path its possible to use to walk through it.

My last picture to try and show you just what is burning when you hear about wildfires in Southern California. This one i think shows it vividly! You cannot walk through this!! Much of the brush has thorns as well so you would end up bruised, clothes torn if you tried to walk through this. If a fire was coming over that ridge, you have only one direction you can go, follow the trail out.

This is a good example of what the trees do look like. There more dry timber than trees with green leaves. Yes you can see trees like this and there actually alive… They look like the climate they live in, they reflect the harshness of the climate. So i just checked and 180 Thousand are under an evacuation order or warnings..

Kincade fire in Somona Country has scorched 30,000 acres. Tick Fire near Los Angeles listed as 65% contained, before the fierce winds of today had been experienced however.

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Your hiking a trail you have hiked many times before. As you walk along your looking around for pictures to take and not really paying attention to where the next intersection is between two or three trails. What you do know is when you see the sign post, turn right and just keeping going. In less than a tenth of a mile you come across another post marking again a junction between trails. That is when it hits you. Wait is this the right trail? Suddenly what felt familiar, now seems strange.

You turn around and look the direction you came from. Yup that looks familiar. Then what is this trail marker? You look more closely and it says exactly the same info the other marker had on it except the mileage is different for the same destination. Not only do both signs list same destination but it is the location you just came from, yet the second sign lists it as being a half mile farther away, than first sign did, but you only have a tenth of a mile difference between the two signs.You don’t remember the second sign post at all!! 

What is going on here!! Why does this location feel so unfamiliar and yet it also feels very familiar? You look down the hill and that is when you see the bridge and it all comes rushing back to you. Wow your sure happy that bridge is there!! You got your bearings again except, what is this sign post your standing beside? You seriously do not remember this sign post. Just to make the situation more confusing you can actually look back up the trail and see the one you do remember!!!

Your curiosity gets the better of you and you follow the strange trail with full intent of following it just far enough to see if you recognize any of it. About a quarter of a mile down the path you run into the junction of the trail you do remember and now you can visualize in your mind just how these trails flow, wind there way through the woods.

But why have you never noticed this trail before? The answer is kind of eerie. IT WASN’T THERE!! Yup that is what i said, it wasn’t there. Because the trail is a new one built during the summer you have never seen this trail before to know what it looks like during the fall season!!

A very important lesson has just been learned, again. Even in very familiar surroundings you can still get lost in the woods. Fall and winter are the two seasons of the year it is very, very easy to get lost in the woods!!

What many experienced hikers don’t realize is its the familiarity with the surroundings that is the very reason you get lost. The map in your head, sort of replaces what your actually seeing, until a difference shows up that it just can’t validate according to the memories in your mind.

In October i call this the Jack O Lantern effect. Halloween is that time of year where the leaves have fallen from the trees and trails through the woods are extremely hard to see, no matter how familiar you are with that trail… Trail markers can look different, even eerie in the more subdued light of a fall day.

A sunny day outside of the forest can be dim light in the forest due to the angle of the sun. Shadows become long, stretched out. The trail shows no signs of footprints, disturbed leaves where someone recently walked through them. The forest floor looks the same no matter which direction you look. Roots are covered increasing chance of injury.

Did you know that most strange disappearances that are most baffling in the woods is usually in the fall and winter? I don’t mean just lost, but people seem to just vanish! Never to be seen again. No trace of the path they walked through the woods, but maybe a map or friend gives a hint of where they said they were going.. However the trail itself, gives few if any details in the fall and winter. Just like fall, winter can quickly cover up any tracks a hiker may of made with wind blown snow, or a storm of one to two feet of snow.

But don’t worry, most people that go for hikes in the woods do find the way back out again. Just don’t be one of the few that, disappear?






Imagine your in the show goosebumps. You have been invited to join the midnight society. Your sitting on a log as the newest member to the midnight society if, if you can tell for their approval a really scary short story.. As you begin you say, “Submitted for approval by the midnight society i call this story?”

How many times have you said, “I don’t scare easily?” You go to a Halloween Haunted House and as you walk out you say, “That was fun. Spooky, but not really scary.” 

Your at an amusement park and decide to go through the funhouse. oh you may scream a few times as something brushes by you in the dark. Perhaps its something suddenly pops up and front of you with a creepy laugh? Have you ever thought about how, even laughter can be, creepy?

Are any of these examples really scary? Well yes, they may be scary but are they spooky!!! Of the two which do you prefer, scary or spooky?

Horror can give you a sense of dread, be really scary, or maybe if your like me, you think of it more as a sick nightmare you would not wish on anyone… Besides, non fiction, can be more of a horror story, than a fictional horror story. Just look at trump, need I say more? Okay some will say that isn’t fair Dale your going to ruin this blog post if you bring politics into it!!!! I didn’t i mentioned, a person? Yes, now stop and think, have you ever met someone for the first time and,,,, something just doesn’t feel right? You might think of it as, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the saying goes. What is very clear in your mind is, your alert as in a sense of danger but what is the threat? I should mention that is not really the best part of these kind of feelings. Oh no not at all. What really gets you is when about a week later that feeling, is validated by something that happens!!! That is when you feel really spooked, creepy  on the inside as if there really are unseen forces at work in our reality!


The road was called gorgon circle. Just a small housing development that sat on the other side of the train tracks up in white field New Hampshire.. There was only two houses and the foundation for a third. The train tracks ran in front of the houses with a crossing that crossed two tracks to get to the main road…

Because there was two different railroads that ran through White Field you had a “Y”. This allowed Boston and Maine to pull a train off of their line and they could run North or South on Maine Central Line.. It was the Boston and Maine line that came through the woods in back of gorgon circle and then went either right or left of the circle to connect to the Maine Central line.

This may get confusing to describe but besides the “Y” and those to railroads there was, three abandoned rail lines that connected to these two railroads. One connected to Boston and Maine right as it came out of the woods. The other abandoned line came through town and connected to the Maine central again right near Gorgon Circle.. There was some sidings as well off of every track. So if you can visualize it here sat two houses surrounded by train tracks both some still used and several that were abandoned.. 

So these two houses sat in a field of abandoned train tracks, used tracks, with woods in back of the houses. Anyone that traveled the roads at night that went over these tracks near gordon circle called and creepy and spooky. With ghostly shadows of some abandoned cars on some of the sidings, and there was even an abandoned engine on one of the tracks..

The story you would hear from those that lived there is that sometimes the crossing lights would start flashing as if a train was coming, except there was no train.. Then you would hear a train whistle in the distance but again, you would hear the whistle, but no train would appear.. After the lights stopped flashing, you would then hear the train whistle as if the train had passed and was traveling on down the line of one of the abandoned tracks. 

People in town believed it was one of the passenger trains that use to run in the early 1900’s.. There are also stories that if your near one of the buildings that use to be used for the signal tower as well as a bunkroom for train crews to sleep over you sometimes would hear voices such as, “throw the switch!” 

This is why there are only two houses on Gordon Circle. Only one was occupied, by someone that use to work for the railroad. 


The power of suggestion can be a force that completely overwhelms us when the senses send us signals of what out to be, but that doesn’t mean it is the reality. Abandoned tracks and engines, fright cars, a passenger car, and to see these train tracks going in every direction.. The imagination is more than willing to, fill in the gaps for within our imagination, there is no difference in memories of the early 1900’s or the year 2019. There is only, the perception that comes to life, and at once you experience it as reality. 

To this day there are five deaths in white field , New Hampshire. The victims are said to of died when they were hit by a train. Each was out walking around the tracks at night when it happened. Each was hit by a train that was traveling on, an abandoned rail line. Gordon Circle may have only one house occupied by someone living there, but it seems if you count spirits, its actually a very densely populated location. 




There are some who would be inclined to regard the servile pliancy of the Executive to a prevailing current, either in the community or in the legislature, as its best recommendation. But such men entertain very crude notions, as well of the purposes for which government was instituted, as of the true means by which the public happiness may be promoted. The republican principle demands that the deliberate sense of the community should govern the conduct of those to whom they intrust the management of their affairs; but it does not require an unqualified complaisance to every sudden breeze of passion, or to every transient impulse which the people may receive from the arts of men, who flatter their prejudices to betray their interests. It is a just observation, that the people commonly INTEND the PUBLIC GOOD. This often applies to their very errors. But their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always REASON RIGHT about the MEANS of promoting it. They know from experience that they sometimes err; and the wonder is that they so seldom err as they do, beset, as they continually are, by the wiles of parasites and sycophants, by the snares of the ambitious, the avaricious, the desperate, by the artifices of men who possess their confidence more than they deserve it, and of those who seek to possess rather than to deserve it. When occasions present themselves, in which the interests of the people are at variance with their inclinations, it is the duty of the persons whom they have appointed to be the guardians of those interests, to withstand the temporary delusion, in order to give them time and opportunity for more cool and sedate reflection. Instances might be cited in which a conduct of this kind has saved the people from very fatal consequences of their own mistakes, and has procured lasting monuments of their gratitude to the men who had courage and magnanimity enough to serve them at the peril of their displeasure.

But however inclined we might be to insist upon an unbounded complaisance in the Executive to the inclinations of the people, we can with no propriety contend for a like complaisance to the humors of the legislature. The latter may sometimes stand in opposition to the former, and at other times the people may be entirely neutral. In either supposition, it is certainly desirable that the Executive should be in a situation to dare to act his own opinion with vigor and decision.

The same rule which teaches the propriety of a partition between the various branches of power, teaches us likewise that this partition ought to be so contrived as to render the one independent of the other. To what purpose separate the executive or the judiciary from the legislative, if both the executive and the judiciary are so constituted as to be at the absolute devotion of the legislative? Such a separation must be merely nominal, and incapable of producing the ends for which it was established. It is one thing to be subordinate to the laws, and another to be dependent on the legislative body. The first comports with, the last violates, the fundamental principles of good government; and, whatever may be the forms of the Constitution, unites all power in the same hands. The tendency of the legislative authority to absorb every other, has been fully displayed and illustrated by examples in some preceding numbers. In governments purely republican, this tendency is almost irresistible. The representatives of the people, in a popular assembly, seem sometimes to fancy that they are the people themselves, and betray strong symptoms of impatience and disgust at the least sign of opposition from any other quarter; as if the exercise of its rights, by either the executive or judiciary, were a breach of their privilege and an outrage to their dignity. They often appear disposed to exert an imperious control over the other departments; and as they commonly have the people on their side, they always act with such momentum as to make it very difficult for the other members of the government to maintain the balance of the Constitution.


It may perhaps be asked, how the shortness of the duration in office can affect the independence of the Executive on the legislature, unless the one were possessed of the power of appointing or displacing the other. One answer to this inquiry may be drawn from the principle already remarked that is, from the slender interest a man is apt to take in a short-lived advantage, and the little inducement it affords him to expose himself, on account of it, to any considerable inconvenience or hazard. Another answer, perhaps more obvious, though not more conclusive, will result from the consideration of the influence of the legislative body over the people; which might be employed to prevent the re-election of a man who, by an upright resistance to any sinister project of that body, should have made himself obnoxious to its resentment.

It may be asked also, whether a duration of four years would answer the end proposed; and if it would not, whether a less period, which would at least be recommended by greater security against ambitious designs, would not, for that reason, be preferable to a longer period, which was, at the same time, too short for the purpose of inspiring the desired firmness and independence of the magistrate.

It cannot be affirmed, that a duration of four years, or any other limited duration, would completely answer the end proposed; but it would contribute towards it in a degree which would have a material influence upon the spirit and character of the government. Between the commencement and termination of such a period, there would always be a considerable interval, in which the prospect of annihilation would be sufficiently remote, not to have an improper effect upon the conduct of a man indued with a tolerable portion of fortitude; and in which he might reasonably promise himself, that there would be time enough before it arrived, to make the community sensible of the propriety of the measures he might incline to pursue. Though it be probable that, as he approached the moment when the public were, by a new election, to signify their sense of his conduct, his confidence, and with it his firmness, would decline; yet both the one and the other would derive support from the opportunities which his previous continuance in the station had afforded him, of establishing himself in the esteem and good-will of his constituents. He might, then, hazard with safety, in proportion to the proofs he had given of his wisdom and integrity, and to the title he had acquired to the respect and attachment of his fellow-citizens. As, on the one hand, a duration of four years will contribute to the firmness of the Executive in a sufficient degree to render it a very valuable ingredient in the composition; so, on the other, it is not enough to justify any alarm for the public liberty. If a British House of Commons, from the most feeble beginnings, FROM THE MERE POWER OF ASSENTING OR DISAGREEING TO THE IMPOSITION OF A NEW TAX, have, by rapid strides, reduced the prerogatives of the crown and the privileges of the nobility within the limits they conceived to be compatible with the principles of a free government, while they raised themselves to the rank and consequence of a coequal branch of the legislature; if they have been able, in one instance, to abolish both the royalty and the aristocracy, and to overturn all the ancient establishments, as well in the Church as State; if they have been able, on a recent occasion, to make the monarch tremble at the prospect of an innovation [1] attempted by them, what would be to be feared from an elective magistrate of four years’ duration, with the confined authorities of a President of the United States? What, but that he might be unequal to the task which the Constitution assigns him? I shall only add, that if his duration be such as to leave a doubt of his firmness, that doubt is inconsistent with a jealousy of his encroachments.


But one of the weightiest objections to a plurality in the Executive, and which lies as much against the last as the first plan, is, that it tends to conceal faults and destroy responsibility.

Responsibility is of two kinds to censure and to punishment. The first is the more important of the two, especially in an elective office. Man, in public trust, will much oftener act in such a manner as to render him unworthy of being any longer trusted, than in such a manner as to make him obnoxious to legal punishment. But the multiplication of the Executive adds to the difficulty of detection in either case. It often becomes impossible, amidst mutual accusations, to determine on whom the blame or the punishment of a pernicious measure, or series of pernicious measures, ought really to fall. It is shifted from one to another with so much dexterity, and under such plausible appearances, that the public opinion is left in suspense about the real author. The circumstances which may have led to any national miscarriage or misfortune are sometimes so complicated that, where there are a number of actors who may have had different degrees and kinds of agency, though we may clearly see upon the whole that there has been mismanagement, yet it may be impracticable to pronounce to whose account the evil which may have been incurred is truly chargeable.

“I was overruled by my council. The council were so divided in their opinions that it was impossible to obtain any better resolution on the point.” These and similar pretexts are constantly at hand, whether true or false. And who is there that will either take the trouble or incur the odium, of a strict scrutiny into the secret springs of the transaction? Should there be found a citizen zealous enough to undertake the unpromising task, if there happen to be collusion between the parties concerned, how easy it is to clothe the circumstances with so much ambiguity, as to render it uncertain what was the precise conduct of any of those parties?

In the single instance in which the governor of this State is coupled with a council that is, in the appointment to offices, we have seen the mischiefs of it in the view now under consideration. Scandalous appointments to important offices have been made. Some cases, indeed, have been so flagrant that ALL PARTIES have agreed in the impropriety of the thing. When inquiry has been made, the blame has been laid by the governor on the members of the council, who, on their part, have charged it upon his nomination; while the people remain altogether at a loss to determine, by whose influence their interests have been committed to hands so unqualified and so manifestly improper. In tenderness to individuals, I forbear to descend to particulars.

It is evident from these considerations, that the plurality of the Executive tends to deprive the people of the two greatest securities they can have for the faithful exercise of any delegated power, first, the restraints of public opinion, which lose their efficacy, as well on account of the division of the censure attendant on bad measures among a number, as on account of the uncertainty on whom it ought to fall; and, secondly, the opportunity of discovering with facility and clearness the misconduct of the persons they trust, in order either to their removal from office or to their actual punishment in cases which admit of it.

In England, the king is a perpetual magistrate; and it is a maxim which has obtained for the sake of the public peace, that he is unaccountable for his administration, and his person sacred. Nothing, therefore, can be wiser in that kingdom, than to annex to the king a constitutional council, who may be responsible to the nation for the advice they give. Without this, there would be no responsibility whatever in the executive department an idea inadmissible in a free government. But even there the king is not bound by the resolutions of his council, though they are answerable for the advice they give. He is the absolute master of his own conduct in the exercise of his office, and may observe or disregard the counsel given to him at his sole discretion.

But in a republic, where every magistrate ought to be personally responsible for his behavior in office the reason which in the British Constitution dictates the propriety of a council, not only ceases to apply, but turns against the institution. In the monarchy of Great Britain, it furnishes a substitute for the prohibited responsibility of the chief magistrate, which serves in some degree as a hostage to the national justice for his good behavior. In the American republic, it would serve to destroy, or would greatly diminish, the intended and necessary responsibility of the Chief Magistrate himself.

The idea of a council to the Executive, which has so generally obtained in the State constitutions, has been derived from that maxim of republican jealousy which considers power as safer in the hands of a number of men than of a single man. If the maxim should be admitted to be applicable to the case, I should contend that the advantage on that side would not counterbalance the numerous disadvantages on the opposite side. But I do not think the rule at all applicable to the executive power. I clearly concur in opinion, in this particular, with a writer whom the celebrated Junius pronounces to be “deep, solid, and ingenious,” that “the executive power is more easily confined when it is ONE” [2]; that it is far more safe there should be a single object for the jealousy and watchfulness of the people; and, in a word, that all multiplication of the Executive is rather dangerous than friendly to liberty.

A little consideration will satisfy us, that the species of security sought for in the multiplication of the Executive, is attainable. Numbers must be so great as to render combination difficult, or they are rather a source of danger than of security. The united credit and influence of several individuals must be more formidable to liberty, than the credit and influence of either of them separately. When power, therefore, is placed in the hands of so small a number of men, as to admit of their interests and views being easily combined in a common enterprise, by an artful leader, it becomes more liable to abuse, and more dangerous when abused, than if it be lodged in the hands of one man; who, from the very circumstance of his being alone, will be more narrowly watched and more readily suspected, and who cannot unite so great a mass of influence as when he is associated with others. The Decemvirs of Rome, whose name denotes their number [3], were more to be dreaded in their usurpation than any ONE of them would have been. No person would think of proposing an Executive much more numerous than that body; from six to a dozen have been suggested for the number of the council. The extreme of these numbers, is not too great for an easy combination; and from such a combination America would have more to fear, than from the ambition of any single individual. A council to a magistrate, who is himself responsible for what he does, are generally nothing better than a clog upon his good intentions, are often the instruments and accomplices of his bad and are almost always a cloak to his faults.

I forbear to dwell upon the subject of expense; though it be evident that if the council should be numerous enough to answer the principal end aimed at by the institution, the salaries of the members, who must be drawn from their homes to reside at the seat of government, would form an item in the catalogue of public expenditures too serious to be incurred for an object of equivocal utility. I will only add that, prior to the appearance of the Constitution, I rarely met with an intelligent man from any of the States, who did not admit, as the result of experience, that the UNITY of the executive of this State was one of the best of the distinguishing features of our constitution.


1. New York has no council except for the single purpose

When its okay to say no to College? It is okay to say no to college!

When its okay to say NO to College?

Life can throw many curves into the life of a young person that is trying to figure out how to move from high school into what path to walk going forward.

College? and if the answer is yes, what kind of college? One can look for a two year program, four year program, technical college, or one with a more long term goal as to what degree is. Community college or maybe no college at all.

It is at this point in time, while grades may make a difference as to what are a young persons choices, the final choice may not, should not be guided by academics. The final choice may be guided as to the priority, by economics.

We are taught that the best choices for a young persons future is to go on to college, this is crucial to what ones future will be like, opportunities in life. In general, reach for the sky, is still true, but economically it may not make sense. This does not devalue the benefits of a good education, but the cost of the college degree may be to high as to debt incurred, for what the economy will pay, after the young person graduates from college.

Make the wrong choices, you are in debt for the rest of your life. Enslaved by the education system, demanding student loan payments, the economy will never support. The reality is not that learning isn’t important, its the price gouging of our education system, that is enslaving our young people.

While learning is priceless in value, knowledge you can’t really put a price on, our economy does just that, and the price they charge for the knowledge they can share? They flatter their value, as the economy clearly makes obvious.

Get it wrong and your living on a wage, salary after you graduate from college that, after you pay your student loan, leaves you barely able to afford the birdhouse above as a home, and you wanted to raise a family in that home?

What is wrong with this picture? A clear distortion within the economics as to what education costs, and what can be accomplished with it after you graduate depending on what the economy will pay. Your probably still going to make no more than minimum wage, if you can find a job. Oh and then there are other issues, can you afford your healthcare costs, food cost, its not just rent and student loan debt!

Like the shutters boarding up the windows of a swimming pool, this can become your life if you don’t make good decisions upon graduation from high school. Bizarre it may sound, but regardless of your potential, college may not be the right choice! Simply stated, the college financial system is to unstable right now, to out of sync with our economy to engage it as a part of our infrastructure that can help your prepare for your future!!

Take time! Think it through. Explore your options and know which ones are good choices not just in what they offer but in is the price right compared to what the economy says the real value of that education is!!

Its okay to say no to college!


I”m not saying say no for ever. I’m saying, saying no right now, can be a

good idea. Your future is like this flower.. When it blooms it lasts for a week at most.. However this flower spent two months growing and getting ready for the day it would blossom! It can still be true, taking time off between high school and college, is the right choice!!! Oh the scholarships, grants, may not be there when you go back. They were of little value anyways if to small in amount compared to the actual costs of college!… Remember there are opportunities outside of college, life, can have many paths as choices, our challenge, to try to make the best choices we can.

To every young person out there, i wish you the best.. choose wisely, and we will all hope for the best. Last, get involved, and do advocacy work! Make an effort the make the system better, society better in how it supports the lives of the people that live within it.

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what if as of tomorrow, everything you thought you knew, was proven to be false?

what if as of tomorrow, everything you thought you knew, was proven

to be false?

True or false, Love is still important as an emotion in daily life? Love is the essence within our being that makes life have meaning? Love is important for a society to embrace socially if it is to thrive and be beneficial to everyone in society, and not be a economy that only serves the needs and wants of a few? 

(our society seems to throw away what it should value, and keep what some would call trash)

Our society today seems to be none of the above. Racial hatred is constantly increasing. Poverty is swallowing up and enslaving americans in record numbers. Homelessness can be seen everywhere, yet they have become the most invisible population in every state. They are like the ghosts in the Harry Potter movies. Seen but often ignored. Actually the ghosts in Harry Potter movies are shown more respect than the homeless on our streets.

Substance abuse is of epidemic proportions. Society has come to accept that fact as the new normal. We pay for healthcare benefits to help those with addiction issues to recover, at the same time that we promote more substance abuse. Cigarettes we scorn as the ultimate evil by taxing them as if anyone that smokes has the most evil addiction habit that ever existed. However we will pay as a healthcare benefit to supply an addict with the substance they abuse. Alcohol is taboo to mention, yet we know its abused, and not once in decades has the tax on alcohol ever gone up?

The inconsistency in social values shows we simply cannot make up our minds as to what is our moral and ethical priorities. When we do try to discuss them we find a society as polarized in what is acceptable as the difference between the colors of black and white, night and day. Pot is legal, abortion is not,, pro life is obsessed with the first nine months of life, yet those same people, same society, has complete indifference to what happens to those children once they are born.

We are fragmented and living in silos. Surrounded by our world view and anything that seems to contradict our little world is immediately excluded, its existence denied and we go to any lengths to turn the truth into lies. Consequently many of our truths are lies, many lies, is really the truth!

Vaccines are like sandbags during a flood… Our society is more certain about the value of sandbags than it is about the value of vaccines… We are currently on the verge of what could be a major measles epidemic and yet, society is torn between those that believe we should get vaccines to prevent spread of such disease, and those that say we should just let the epidemic run its natural course. Unvaccinated themselves they get the disease, spread it, and feel self righteous in their choice regardless of the consequences to others. By the way, to intentionally spread a contagious disease is a criminal offense. (typhoid Mary is an example)

Those that resist vaccines i’m not saying they do not have valid arguments about the safety of vaccines. Indeed the real responsibility is with those that make them to be honest about their safety. Since they are not, one cannot invalid the concerns people have about getting vaccines. However when a epidemic occurs, vaccines is the best defense society has against the traumatic effect such epidemics have on society. Yet some are so entrenched in their views they will risk the death of many, including themselves just to not get a vaccine, which may not be safe? and that could be true, for certain they are not safe for everyone.

Just as important an issue is a person choice to travel to any country where an epidemic exists and not get vaccinated before they travel. Only to bring the disease back and start an epidemic, should that be allowed? Was there not a choice of the nature, if they did not want the vaccine, then they did not have the right to travel? To refuse the vaccine and travel is a fine example of selfishness.

Another issue exists in our healthcare system very similar to the vaccine issue. This issue has to do with what is called opt in or opt out of your healthcare data. The system supports that all people healthcare data automatically be added to the state database for sake of designing, coordinating delivery of care. The other option is your data can only be added to the database with your permission. It is obvious the difference, in terms of patient rights. Opt in protects patient rights, opt out does not if the system does not take the responsibility of respecting your privacy and right to know what is being shared from your personal information. Again a underlying question is really, the system willingness to take on responsibility of respecting the rights of patients. They will tell you that they do, but is that the truth?

Climate change is again a very similar scenario. Those that say its a lie, those that say the warnings are real… Behind that argument is those that are selfish and do not wish to change, make any sacrifices in lifestyle, vs those that feel change is needed to respect not just nature, but to keep safe the climate we all depend on. Some are concerned about the fact our generation is doing so much harm to our environment they are worried what kind of world our grandchildren will inherit? Others cannot think beyond their own needs and do not care what our children will inherit. There more than willing to just have a good time even if it brings misery to future generations.

The sentiments run so strong that many young people of the age they would start having children, have decided intentionally they will not have children. The world they would inherit will be so horrific they have decided not to procreate anymore humans. Globally nations are seeing a decrease in their populations to the extent birth rates are lower than death rates. Other countries are doing everything they can to give incentives to young people to have children, but the young people are still refusing. Misguided focus? The priority should be to fix the social structure so it is supportive of children, not to blame the young people that see society does not appreciate children.

what if as of tomorrow, everything you thought you knew, was proven

to be false?

The day is coming where the above statement will have its answers, its not if it will but when.



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“Good afternoon, you are now retired,, and here is all the ways that changes your life.”

“Good afternoon, you are now retired,,

and here is all the ways that changes your life.”

Retirement is about finding the child within again

Just like the seasons change in nature, so they change in life.. I got this picture of ice on a limb just the day before our first spring day of almost sixty degrees. This ice formation is gone now and there will not be any new ones tell next winter. Life is like this as well. There are days that have a finality to them. Something changes, and suddenly its society that sees you as something different. Your given a new label, your one of the elderly,  or old people.. elder sounds better?

Even the things you grew up with in life.. are now considered, old, or if it has value from aging they are antiques, sometimes you hear the word ancient? the rotary phone i have heard called, “from the ancient times of communication technology.” So i should not be surprised, when i have seen everything i grew up with retired, to find out i have now been retired.

tWhy even the books i grew up with are tired and need to sit down and rest now.. Many of them sit of shelves waiting for someone to pick them up and read them again.. Alas most of them are titles that younger people have never heard of.. Silent Spring, has anyone heard of that one? How about the population bomb? Whom in there thirties will remember when books were always something printed on paper, the question would be hardcover or paperback? No such thing as an electronic book back then!

We leave our footprints in life. Like footprints in the sand most of what we remember will be washed away by the tides of life. Younger generations will only know us by what gets recorded. They will read about some of us in books, and that is all they will know about our generation.. Whom writes our legacy? Most of us, will be forgotten as if we never existed. 

It seems like just yesterday i was riding steam trains like this.. They were still used when i was very young. True diesel was replacing them at a brisk pace but you did not have to travel far to find a operational steam-train. In today world it is older diesel engines that are antiques.. Steam trains are a very rare sight.

At least you can still see trolleys! All you have to do is visit the seashore trolley museum in Arundel, Maine. We age, we are retired, and only some of what our generation was, will ever be remembered. 

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There is a brook not far from me i keep an eye on. When i see open water here, i know spring has arrived. This brook slumbers beneath the snow for the months of January and February. It only resurfaces when the temperature of the water from the snow melt higher up is warm enough to start melting the ice that has built up on the rocks, within the pools of water like the one above. The last factor to using this brook as a barometer for when spring has arrived, is the angle of the sun shining upon it for at least three hours of the day, and the shadows are shorter in length.

Suffice to say i have come to know the personality of this brook as a long time friend.. While it cannot predict the extremes of spring storms and temperature swings March is known for, it is a great barometer for knowing when the warmth of spring has tipped the scale away from old man winter grip, even though he still growls with spring storms.

Where did you come from little leaf? Were you buried beneath the snow and now as the snow melts you resurface as if time stood still between oct. 2018 and march of 2019. This leaf glistened as if it was polished. In a sense it has been polished. A winter of ice crystals gently rubbing against this leaf. Now it is polished, also looked like it had a coat of varnish on it. Yet it is so thin you can see right through it. Yes these are the images of spring, it is not just a month known for new leaves on trees and first sign of green grass and dandelions.. 

In town the sidewalks are free of snow but watch out for the ice at night. Spring comes much sooner in urban centers than it does in the woods.. The tree stump above sits upon a hill slightly higher in elevation than the rest of the town. Not far from the road yet it is in the woods and there the snow has only begun to melt. Put this tree stump in town and the snow on top would be gone. our temps are to be in mid forties to low fifties this week so by end of week very possible this snow will be gone and this tree stump with be without its hat. 

For all the beauty we anticipate with arrival of spring. This season is not without its woes. As the rains melt the snows streams rise breaking up the ice. If this happens end of February or first week of march, this is what you see. Debris the water picks up in smaller streams flows into larger rivers. This year it is the larger river that the ice did not break up on, but it did on the smaller streams about three weeks ago creating ice jams. That is what this is debris from one of those smaller ice jams that worked its way down to the winooski river this weekend. 

the tales this container could tell. Where did its journey begin, where will it end?

Usually trash like you see above works its way toward shore. Green up Day in first week of May, volunteers walk the streams and rivers and remove this debris as much as possible. However much of it will lodge in places no one can get to. There it will remain, forever relative to the lifespan of a human.

Still, spring does have its majestic side. This log is trapped by blocks of ice from moving downstream on the North Branch. However with blue skies, wind and sun, you can see the dance of light and ripples in the water playing on the trunk of this old tree.. Somehow nature always knows how to make the best of every situation. She can smile, laugh, and be positive in the midst of what we call sorrow.. as if to say, “hey look, there is always hope!”

By the middle of April gardens will be drying out. some may get planted. In the forest middle of April will still find snow melting, and mud season will be in full bloom. Alas it could be the second week of May before the forest dries out from mud season. Seasonal Streams, seasonal springs and small ponds, will dry up by memorial Day weekend. Yes those of us that live here can tell you where small ponds, springs, small streams are dry nine months of the year, but for three they have water in them. Some last only a month or are gone as soon as the last of the snow has melted.. 

Soon, very soon the leaves of fall that endured the winter will return to the earth. While the green buds of new leaves begin to grow on the trees above them.. April is gray when you look at the mountains, but flowers will bloom. May is the month of spring green leaves will return, and again if you visit you will see why Vermont is called, THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE.





Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments. ..

Every second is of infinite value.

Science has its own way of defining time. There is space time curvature. There is the speed of light where as you speed up, everyone else slows down. Actually they speed up, because when you get back your younger, but they are older. Then there is quantum entanglement where two quantum particles are connected in such a way no matter how many light years apart they are, what happens to one particle, immediately effects the state of being of the other. So what is time? 

In life time is something very different than it is to science. Intimate moments that within our minds last forever in feelings, yet at the same time they are moments in time that feel like they didn’t last long enough. hmmm, entanglement seems to have many ways of expressing itself science cannot quantify! Only the heart and mind of the spirit gets it! 

The clock above lies upon the ground but use to be on top of the building in the background. The town in which it exists in,,,,,,decided to preserve it as a memory of times gone by. Yet it ages, and its hands move no more. It is like the speed of light. standing still while we age, move through each day of our lives. The substance it is made of is decaying, and someday it will rust, or rot tell it is no more. Yet the time it keeps, frozen in that one moment, one second, forever.

The sea knows time? My own personal impression is time exists within the sea but not for the sea itself. It was here long before we were, and may be here long after we are gone. She is infinite to us, but defines the lifespan of a fishing boat as, just a few decades. Ahh, so time is really relationships! hmmm, isn’t that entanglement again? She the sea is also love! Often she is described as such, and what is love, the most intimate of relationships!

Sometimes we travel to experience time in different ways. If we wish to go back in time, we may go visit the seashore trolley museum. Time travel within, this point in time, to another point in time, preserved within this point in time, yet both are flowing at the same rate of speed, the constant speed of light, so science says.


(I LIKE THE LARGER PRINT, EASIER TO READ, MY CHOICE, BUT YOU MAY NOT AGREE) Within that choice is a altered reality, between you and me, yet co existing within the same moment. In the diversity of both experiences we may not be aware of our different perceptions, or if two people are husband and wife, parent and child, they may share the diversity of two different ways of experiencing the same event. Again, entanglement just like in quantum physics.

Since i’m a photographer, artist, but i’m also well versed in the art of science, to anyone very logical thinking but not really a artist within, may find my way of thinking as i write, unpleasant to digest. Some will call my thoughts, bitter to their appetite. That is what quantum physics is to many scientist, bitter truth in its statement that in the end, science is more an expression of art, with the laws of how it was designed built within.

You walk into the old train station and buy your ticket. The conductor dressed as they did back in the fifties or forties, takes your ticket as you climb aboard the trolley. The bell rings and your on your way traveling around twenty thirty miles an hour. You feel the wind blowing through your hair as the trolley sways first to the left then to the right.. you feel a different time, different place within this experience. Yet as you travel you look out and can see signs of the future, of the year 2017, oh but you can feel that sentiment of being in, the 1940’s.

Some of the trolley cars they are still restoring like this double Decker. I walked onto this one and walked up the spiral staircase. The artistic design tells you artist created these with hand-tools and skill they crafted fine art right into the design. I have ridden double decker train cars of today and you will find no such expressions of creativity. They are sterile but pleasant environments.

Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments. ..

Every second is of infinite value.

We end the day with a walk on the beach. The tide is going out and what do i see? Islands of impressions, shapes, infinite grains of sand, each having individuality yet all connected by the flow of saltwater whose sense of time is within each tide. Four tides is a day, Two low, and two high, marks the hours of the tides, just like 24 hrs is a day. Within each hour are waves. Each wave a second, every 20 waves five minutes, yet everywhere you look, you see smaller and smaller fractals of time. Then again maybe its smaller fractals of space, where time surrounds it and time would be experienced as infinity for look at the designs water makes from flowing through the sand. 

When to lovers look at the sky and feel a second as eternity of sharing love, or they so experience a desire to continuing sharing that experience a night together may feel like but a second, for it is in those seconds, love knows no boundaries. How can both be true? How does everything fit into everything without falling apart. The answers are not so much in the law of science, but in the art those laws create we call life, the universe, the earth, nature, it surrounds us. 


You want to know the science of quantum physics, ask a scientist. You want to know the logic of probabilities in quantum physics, ask the couple that just found love. You want to know why quantum physics is the perfect design? ask the artist that knows the creativity of love. 

Personally i will sit upon these sands of time, and contemplate the answers to what is everything while reading a book whose theme is just that. With someone at my side the share the experience with, or not, i will read the book, but learn the answers by watching and listening to the wisdom of the sea.