Mien Portals through a Cup of Coffee

Mien Portals through a Cup of Coffee

Case M164 Missing person, Vermont: friends reported, Their friend came out of tent and poured herself a cup of coffee. She then announced she was going for a short walk in the woods.. Friends report she was walking a path that wanders through a field of large boulders then loops back to where they were camped. Length of trail, .5 mile.

Friends could see her entering the boulder field. She never returned.Friends walked and searched path and boulder field. Only evidence found was her footprints where path leads up through two boulders due to wet soil from seeping spring near boulders. Boulder field is reported to be like a maze with hidden caves, crevices. Signs are posted warning hikers to stay on trail, wandering through boulder field very dangerous..

Case M203 Missing Person, Vermont: Friends reported. Geologist and guide announces hes taking his morning cup of coffee and wandering just over the knoll to sit in middle of vortex to drink his morning cup of coffee and meditate. Friends report hearing sound of waterfall nearby, then hearing sound of wind and breaking waves like you would hear at the ocean. Sound of breaking waves disappears as wind dies down. Geologist and guide vanishes with no trace of evidence.

A friend of mine pointed this out to me. The most mysterious cases of people disappearing, where no explanation or evidence is found, occur while the person is doing something that is a normal part of their daily routine. They occur not when the person is really alone, but in presence of friends where for a brief period of time they are out of sight of their friends.

So i started reading on cases of missing persons, excluding the ones where the person was on an adventure by themselves. It is true the most mysterious, are sort of witnessed except for the actual event of disappearing.

Mount Washington, Phantoms of the Trails

Mount Washington is known for its harsh unforgiving weather or environment. It has taken around 138 lives in the last eighty years to 100 years. At least that is what records have recorded, and how many more no one knows about?

Some of the strangest tales involve groups of hikers seen on trails, that never reach the summit, nor the valley below. They will greet you, maybe even stop and chat with you, answer your questions about the trails, tell you if they are going up the mountain or down. If your both going the same direction, they may wait for you to lead the way, or pack up and hit the trail in front of you. this happened to a young group of four hiking to the summit and lake in the clouds hut.

They stopped at a junction of many trails and were trying to figure out, which sign was pointing to which trail. Yes sometimes this can get very confusing, i have experienced this myself, i can see the name of trail i want, just can’t tell where the sign is really pointing as it seems to be pointing to two trails side by side. However it is easy to see they are going in different directions but not a hint where either will end up.

As they were debating which trail to take another group of hikers came upon them and stopped long enough to talk with them and point them in the right direction. After taking a quick break for water, they packed up and started up same trail they had suggest to the young hikers. The group of four could hear them from time to time above them headed up the trail, their voices getting more distant as they were making better time than our young adventures were able to climb due to many steep inclines and pitches along the way.

When the young group of four got to the lake in clouds hut they were looking for this group of hikers they met on way up. they could not find them nor did they see by names in register book any evidence they had signed in. They expressed to the caregivers there concern since they knew this was their destination and they had not passed them on way up. During the conversation more details came out about this group of hikers and at that point the caregiver simply shook his head and said, “I don’t think they will be showing up tonight.”

He went on to explain, some never leave the mountain. They just show up, give advice when needed, and?

The Great Gulf experience , Mt. Madison

Hikers have reported hearing voices from hikers on other side of great gulf. It is reported some have actually communicated with those voices agreeing to meet them where the two trails meet farther up the mountain. This prompted one group of hikers to call basecamp with a emergency rescue request when a group they had communicated with never showed up at the junction farther up the mountain. Two guides from base-camp headed out and hiked the entire trail where the missing hikers were reported to be and showed up at Madison Hut with supplies they had carried up the mountain.

In this case the trail guides explained, they never ignore calls about missing hikers, but this is one they get so often, only to find, no one is there, those that are, report in as safe. There explanation is such, the gulf has a echo, so if you hollar,”meet you at the trailhead” you will hear the reply , “meet you at the trailhead” However he was quick to point out this does not explain all experiences. Some? Like the hikers that reported they did meet a group of hikers at the trailhead who then decided they had changed their mind to continue to the hut and decided to hike back down the mountain instead. On their way back down the mountain the next day they met the same group of hikers now going up the mountain again. As one of the trailguides said, We don’t even have any history of them on this mountain, there just hear, put in many miles, know these trails well, have been seen and heard by many, and never get to where they are going , ever.

The Tent that never moves

This one i have seen, but not sure i believe it. We were hiking a trail and came upon a tent. There was a campfire, tent was red umbrella tent. It sits right next to a brook with a sign nearby saying, ” no camping allowed.” We hiked the same trail several times that year, next year, and year after, and the tent was always there. It shows signs of wear like it has been there for several years, not more or less.. Its just there.. We checked it once to see if it was maybe a medical tent for emergencies, and nope, its just a campsite, sleeping bags, and supplies like someone is camping there..

Its always there, everyone knows about it that hikes these trails often, and well, its just always there. Same exact tent, same backpacks, with campfire as if inviting you to stop for cup of coffee. I don’t understand , it never ages beyond the signs of age you see, and how does it survive the winter intact?

I wonder if you stop and actually slept in that tent, what would happen? We never tried to find out.

Every state has its legends, tales of mysteries, and New England is no exception. However it seems like this area of the Presidential Range is rich in legends, hauntings, mysteries of the unknown. My purpose was to point out, after reading Mojave Desert mysteries, that every place has these kind of legends. Why the white mountains even have their ufo sightings and one of most famous alien abduction stories happened here.

Unexplained lights in sky, we can accommodate that one to. Strange creatures, this to tales exist of the strange. Portals in time and dimensional travel. Ahhh this may yet prove to be what this area is best known for.

once you start exploring nature, our world around us, you not only find it is a infinite adventure of always learning and seeing something new. The mysteries of unknowns grow exponentially if you dare look into the whys, hows, and history of our world around us.

Sometimes the best lessons in science is not in what we know, but in exploring what we don’t understand yet is right in front of us, ready to be explored.

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Thoughts while reading Mojave Desert (Mirages of the mind) part one

Thoughts while reading Mojave Desert (Mirages of the Mind) part one

Perception can be an illusion. What the eye sees can be an illusion, or it is the mind not sure what to do with the image it is seeing, it then creates something to try and make sense, and this visualization can be a distortion of reality.

The above picture is taken with a fish-eye lens. The distortion, created by physics of optics.

A spinning color wheel is another example of optical illusion explained by physics. If you watch the wheel as it spins at different speeds it will seem to spin clockwise, then counter clockwise, then clockwise again. The frequency of light entering your eye is translated by your mind in the best cognitive way it knows by past experience. You see the wheel changing directions visually, yet you know this is not true.

However, this is where our experiences in life can get weird, strange, scary, if not outright frightening to point we experience fear as a response. When the mind struggles to interpret, struggles even more to comprehend, it can create fantasy and fictional thoughts in an attempt to explain, refusing to admit, it has no idea what this experience is so it floods our consciousness with all the possibilities it can find by association. You know this can’t be reality, or is it? Like the mirage of the hot summer day, or the mirage of the desert, there are mental images the mind can create and call reality, and there are times you, cannot know is it real, or a mirage.

In the desert not even the colors you see, can be trusted. Real or not real these rocks are this color? Reality, they are, brown. What your looking at is the effect of a setting sun, and shadows.. In this case, we say, this is beautiful. Not all experiences are so pleasing to our spirit, or mind. the bogey man of our childhood we do not leave behind. Whatever he is, or she? This being grows up with us, using our experiences against us to create more impressive images within our life just as scary, and in fact they can seem, more real than the monster in the closet. The horror of the fear is once you realize, you can’t get away, it is within you, it is no longer in the closet, but within you!!!

Can you see the alien? Yes he is there right in front of you!!! Some of you will see the alien while the rest of you, just see amazing structure within the rocks. You may still be amazed or in denial that nature can create such wonders?

The spaceship sits to the far top right on top of a pillar with a flat top.. You don’t see it? Some do during the day, others do not. Imagine walking this path around midnight, and this is the story many tell of when this formation can look like an alien, and a spaceship.

Lets try another one, can you see the suggestion of a hand in an expression of “hi”. I heard some tourists saying, “that looks like a hand!” and i heard others saying, “gee they have an active imagination because i don’t see any hand.”

Did aliens long ago leave us a sign they had been here? Perhaps truth is stranger than fiction. What if mother-nature decided to send us a message that she says “hi” letting us know she cares about us, wishing we cared more about what happens to her?

Here is a site where the mind will show you it cannot always comprehend, what it is seeing. More to the point is, it will try to give what it sees, a purpose, and for lack of prior experience, it will simply send into your consciousness all the possibilities,, nonfiction and fictional possibilities. It is said the one on the left will lead you into a crevice you can walk through into a valley beyond. Walk around to the other side instead of going through the passageway, there will be no crevice, no valley but instead just, a mound of more strangely shaped rocks. hmmmm,, sure, like i believe that is true..

The one you see, the large one that is so bright on the other side? It is said at the right time of year, when the setting sun hits this hole in the rock just right, people have walked through it, and disappeared as if they walked into another dimension or maybe they walked through a time warp?

“Hes pulling my leg” in fact no, i’m suggesting how strange our world can be and how difficult it can be to comprehend, and yes there is mysteries that do exist that are real, yet not only do we not believe the mystery exists, then obviously if confronted with it by experience, it is beyond comprehension. Fact, people have disappeared in this very spot. In fact throughout moab Utah, there are many many reports of the strange, unusual.

Can you see the eyes? This tree has eyes!! and a mouth to. I photographed it so you just see the eyes, figuring that was enough if you believe that, if i showed you the mouth, that would really be pushing the limits of your perception of reality. 

Even the clouds can play with your imagination. This sort of looks like its from the movie, Independence Day if you saw that movie about an alien invasion of Earth?

Even the flowers of the West can create visualizations that will make you scratch your head and wonder such thoughts as, “wow, the northeast has nothing in comparison to the visualization of the landscape of the west. Yes this flower is considered to be, a species of bird!!!
Pine forest, but around the bend, you see the valley open up before you and there you see below you, palm trees, Pacific ocean, and not a hint of this landscape you just left. Just the arid climate is before you that you descend into. Yes that abrupt you leave one world and enter, another. From boreal forest to arid desert just by going around this bend in the road. 

What is the west, that it is such a land of legends, tales of mysteries. While we will get to in part two that this theme i’m about to mention can exist anywhere, it is the landscape of the west that seems to be on steroids in its preponderance of spiritual images everywhere you look. As i took this picture a giant bird flew overhead. Eagle? I don’t know, while not mythical in nature, nothing like it have I seen in the Northeast, this bird was gigantic to me.

I’m convinced in the stark beauty of the west is a spirit of creativity that our mind has no defense against its influence. It can inspire you in very positive ways, or bring out from within you the horrors of nightmares you had no idea is, or was within you.

Where else do you see people fighting to own everything. Yet what are they fighting to own? Arid Desert. Maybe a square parsec of land within a canyon that because of how the light hit upon the slopes they believe there is gold in that canyon.

Maybe at twilight they saw one of these bird plants and envisioned the Bat Thing of legends in the West. Maybe they suddenly think there really is a lost valley with some ancient civilization within or caves of an old civilization filled with treasure of immense wealth.

The Majove Desert, not every one that enters, leaves with their sanity, and some will never be seen again.

There are more thorns in a hike into the desert than those found on a cactus, oh for certain these are the tame ones.

In the West is a spirit within the land. Like a book written with the theme of choose your own adventure. Only this one is like the book title, “the neverending story” You can enter and leave spiritually enlightened, or leave your sanity behind as you walk out of the desert, that is, if it lets you leave. Over a thousand people have vanished here according to records and remain as unsolved mysteries. They say there are many more, seen walking in, they never come out, and no one even reports them missing, it is as if, they never existed.

A fact you rarely hear about, names on registers, where people see these people sign and enter parks, desert trails, mountains, canyons. They never report back in and when records are checked, they do not exist!

But this does not just happen in the West, though I suspect the West is at the top of the list of places of such events. Excluding such places as the Bermuda Triangle because that is at sea. In part two we will explore further this, theory of how experiences in nature can alter our reality, or is it, realities?

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That Light Green of Spring, and the end of mud season

That Light Green of Spring, and the end of mud season

There is time of day, and then there is, time of the seasons. Spring is a mix of three seasons minus fall> while fall can be a mix of three seasons minus spring. There is time of season for weddings, and if you follow the birth rate in hospitals, there is a time of year when there is always a spike in birth of babies.

Then there is the complementary patterns: born in fall as spring in your life yet fall is the season or harvest, born in winter is your spring, yet winter is end of life or hibernation,born in summer the season of resiliency in growth, born in spring  you are in sync, your need to be nurtured is the purpose of the very season you are born into.

The complementary pattern can be a different kind of synchronicity. An example is winter and spring can often combine to give you a very very interesting mix of weather in March, April. Usually not more than a nuisance such as you need to carry clothes with you for both spring and winter. However sometimes artic air shows up lets say in August? I have seen this happen and it snowed in August. Then you have a async relationship even if for just a few days but the results can be, catastrophic!!!!

So what is time? Some of the greatest minds in the history of civilizations have pondered this question. They all end up with great observations, and a question mark at the end of their attempt to describe it.

To a photographer time is, “A MEASURE OF EXPERIENCE,” Sorry folks, beyond that statement, you can write books on just what that means. You often buy those books and read them even if you don’t realize, your reading a measure of experiences. Same with pictures! They are images of, measures of experiences.

 The Crocus arrives with snow still on the ground. Walking into a sunset, old crusty snow crunches beneath my feet. By the time i get to the open field, the snow is gone and green grass prevails. Ferns are breaking ground where the sun reaches the floor of the forest. Have you ever noticed how in early spring the moss that grows on old tree stumps is one of first signs of that light green of spring? In the decay of what was, spring takes anchor with new beginnings of life.

The snow is gone, none on the hiking paths as I walk through the woods. Plenty of mud, hmmm, it is mud season. Why do the brooks still run so strong if all the snow is melted? I walk beside the brook tell I get to its place of origin. It is a marsh still covered in about five inches of melting ice!!!! Now it makes sense, for spring runoff can not stop tell every place is free of winter hibernation.

Spring is easily the season of dramatic transcendental germination.

How sacred the earth for the blessings that spring forth!!! If you believe in God, and depending on what your beliefs are? Well while we are not to worship the earth, this does not mean to understand she is a blessing, a gift, of the creator to us, with express instructions to appreciate her, take care of her, and not to abuse her. So in the fact she is life, sustains us, she is indeed sacred!!! Nurturing in her ways, compassion she has, and her wrath whom can argue with her strength? She will have her way.

Such stone sculptures as this can have many meanings, but suffice to say, from nature, artistic expressions are created. In honor of how profound her own ability is to create and nurture.

Trees are one of the most essential ingredients on this planet to sustain this Earth ability to sustain life forms like us.  Without the trees, and oceans, ability to create seventy percent of our oxygen,  you would not have sufficient oxygen to sustain life. The theme of trees is, to sustain life. This is their purpose.  Why even the shade of a maple tree is written about in classic literature as a blessing on a hot summer day.

Did you know that in this piece of wood, is a environmental history of the past for however many years the tree existed? Nature has many journals she writes. She is not just an artist but an author.

Mayes Landing is accessible by bike or foot from the Burlington Bike Path. Opened to the public on July 16th 2001, Mayes Landing is bordered by the Winooski River and the northern terminus of the Burlington Bike Path. Picnic tables on a grassy spot are surrounded by wildflowers and tall shade trees. Mayes Landing is adjacent to one of Vermont’s most productive wetlands, so bring binoculars and enjoy the wildlife. You may see great blue herons, kingfisher, beaver and river otter. It is also an opportunity to see swamp white oaks.

From Mayes Landing you can bike or walk to Delta Park by way of the bike bridge over the Winooski River.

the blood of Mother Earth. It is so true water is to the Earth, what blood is to our bodies. The earth itself, similar to our liver, or kidneys. Have you ever thought of all the stories water could tell if only it could speak? It has seen and experienced, all memories of this planet, and life on it. This includes every thought, act of mankind as long as he has been upon this Earth. It reacts to emotions!!! Yet when you go for a walk in the woods where water is in harmony with nature, you hear the sound of the gurgling brook. Perhaps its a waterfall with the sounds of wind-chimes? There is such a waterfall within the White Mountains of new Hampshire. She is taken for granted, abused, and yet her need so vital if you were stranded on a island or lost in the woods, desert, mountains, it is your supply of water that will determine how long you will live.

So what purifies the water we drink and our lives depend on?, It is the earth that filters her essence so she is fit to drink, and brings vitality of life within our bodies. Could this also be true, water effects our spirit as well? Up to sixty percent of your weight, is water!!!!

At Winters end, Winter blues are brightened, by the first sight of a robin, whose presence promises the arrival of spring.

the crocus, first flower of spring, often found already growing beneath the snow.

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April Fools really was, A One Day Snow Storm

April Fools really was, A One Day Snow Storm

The Magic of April Fools Day struck New England again this year. Oh the shattered hopes when people woke up April Fools Day and found old man winter, had come back!!!!

Pine trees heavy with the burden of snow. The light, dry snow of Jan. or Feb. is so fluffy it lightly sits on top of branches. This snow sticks to the pine needles but not to worry, the branches are flexible enough they bend under the weight tell the snow melts or falls off.

Snow that is almost rain instead of snow, so dense in water content it packs into any shape and holds that shape, such as the blade of a snow plow. Some of you know this kind of snow as, sugar snow.

April Fools snow storms, not that uncommon, just not what we hope for, and thankfully they do not happen every year?

The snow so dry you can’t even pack it into a snowball. Then there is this. A snow so malleable a potter would be envious! Thankfully this kind of snow, leaves sculptured shapes but for a brief period of time, then as the sun of spring makes its presence known again, it quickly melts.

Old Man Winter can make spring unpleasant but his presence will yield as the earth comes out of hibernation.

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Crystal Spirits of Spring

Crystal Spirits of Spring

To walk with no purpose? Well, there is purpose but for a photographer it is very different. It is about a path walked where you let your heart and mind just listen and observe for the image of what others may never see. I have often thought I should wear a hat that says; “I stop to take pictures.” It is interesting how often I do this and others will stop and ask me, “What are you doing?” When I say i’m taking pictures, they will look to see of what? Sometimes I can inspire others not by the pictures I take, but simply the fact, I do!

Imagine of Humans were the size of a penny in height? This would be an awesome ski slope!! Life would be mundane indeed if not for the gift of imagination and creativity! We would indeed be constantly asking the question; “Is this all there is?”

In a digital world I wonder if this is why so many seem to be emotionally unhealthy. In the digital world the answer becomes, “Yes, there is this, and that is all there is!” We were not created to live in a finite world but a infinite one! It is essential to the very health of our spirit.

When I see a curve in the road my mind is immediately inspired, excited! I hear the inner voice saying,”oh please walk around that bend! I want to see what is there!” Maybe something or maybe nothing, but that is not the point if it is nothing. There is always more to explore, to see, to hear, to experience, to assimilate, make knowable.

Have you ever wondered how ice can fracture a ledge of rock? To us it looks solid. What could get through rock? Water flows through rock by finding every path, crevice possible it can seep into, freeze, and in doing so break apart, fragment rock into smaller, smaller, and smaller pieces. Roots of trees will do the same thing. Nature has a way of giving strength to that which is weak, and weakness to that which is strong.

The granular nature of melting ice! Yet notice how the icicles right behind the small puddle of granular snow looks like crystal! Just like the crystal glasses you would buy in a store! Yet in just two days, these icicles turned into a frosted white, and now they will shed these same small granular ice particles. Or if where they connect to the ledges warms up enough, they will fall off as one sheet of ice relenting to the passions of spring.

Beauty unites all things, links together flower and star, with chains more certain than those of reason. The poet, the artist, thus finds the clue which guides them in their pilgrimage throughout the world. ~Henry James Slack (1818–1896), The Ministry of the Beautiful, 1850

Do you see the face in this picture!!! I think it is a lion! A gift of last fall, it has survived the winter. Yet with onset of spring, new growth will prevail. Nature sort of slumbers in winter. She really is very much awake and active in subtle ways.. But just as intriguing is how old man winter can in a sense freeze her creations in various stages of their fall dance.

Many think you cannot find anything green in winter. SURPRISE!!!!! I see this all the time and laugh within. While the green of winter doesn’t always make for good photography, it is truly amazing to see, plants do grow in winter!!! Now perhaps growth isn’t quite the right word, they stabilize their metabolism, and endure with extreme resilience what makes us, buy winter coats, boots, mittens, hats, snow pants, and flannel shirts or blankets.

Looking through the evergreen. Such contrast between life, and life that was, now decaying. Yet how wonderful the mix, snow of winter, green of life, the colors of a aging stump slowly becoming part of the earth from which it came.  Is this nature showing us that old age can be adorned in beauty? Up to you to decide.

Winter shadows prevail deeper into the forest.. The brooks still under a foot of snow. Draw close and listen and you can hear the gurgling sound of the brook beneath. With each passing day signs it is working its way into sunlight as the snow melts and the water flowing increases creating one of the songs of spring. To run free and live again!

Within the puddles of water reflections of the sky above, a spring sky with blue skies and  the warmth of the sun again faithfully returning to spark life back into winters slumber.

Let us end with the crystal sparkle of bubbles in celebration of Spring!!! White like snow, and yes even the bubbles of a brook look different in each season. As the light changes and the forest again turns green the bubbles will reflect these changes in how they look. It is usually the cold water and temperatures that creates the pure white crystal bubbles.

Last but not least, is life returning to the rivers the brooks and spring runoff feed. Even the ducks have their spring dance when they stand on ice, then plunge into the waters and swim to the other side and back again, then hop up onto the ice and sunbath as part of their spring dance.

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March came in like a Lion, and is going out the same way! Vermont weather

March came in like a Lion, and is going out the same way! Vermont weather

I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better. Steve Southerland
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/season.html

We watch time pass by. March is the month we look for the lamb. Sometimes it fools us and the lamb doesn’t show up tell April. 2017 is one of those years. We see a break in winters grip, and just as our hope soars, old man winter returns. How slow the March of old man winters departure? Yet how subtle the signs if your watching, Spring is ever so slowly making its presence known. March 22, its snowing and with windchill below zero, again!!!!

Even our bridges are saying, “I’m tired of winter!” So we give them a bit of rest with knitted scarfs, adorned in colors of encouragement, “Yes Spring is on its way!”

Oh, March is a lion in her roar! Today again we see winds of forty miles an hour. With temps in single digits, the wind is the bitter side of March, for you can be close to twenty degrees, but with the wind, its still below zero.


You step inside and take off your mittens, your scarf. Often you stop right here and as you warm up look at the postings of community events.

Perhaps your eager for that cup of coffee? So you go get your coffee and come back to the coffee bar and add your sugar, your cream, maybe some cinnamon. Stand there and sip that first taste, eyes closed. then with each sip after you browse the wall for community events, or maybe someone has something for sale. Maybe its a poster calling out to you to attend a political even to organize a response to an issue such as healthcare benefits and premiums being to high in cost? You never know what your going to find.

Ducks enjoy Spring Diversity!!!!

Love this picture!! Ducks seem to play taking turns standing on the ice, then walking into the water and swim half way across the river. Then they swim back again and make it look so easy how they just hop back up onto the ice. They look at each other as if to say,”is it your turn? I will take you place on the ice if your going for a swim.” They will follow this pattern of behavior as long as the ice is along the edges of the river..

The other behavior you notice is how they stay together like a family. Once in a while one takes off and swims up or down river on a solo swim, only to return to jump back up on the ice and cuddle next to each other for warmth.

These pictures are not easy to take!! You have a subject your photographing that your trying to predict what they will do next while using zoom lens narrowly focused on tracking the ducks path as it swims through the water. Of the twenty pictures I took, most very decent photographs, three came out like this one.

the one below another one i’m very pleased with. They seem to be enjoying this lingering winter, late spring arrival. Can’t say the same for the human species, WE KEEP ASKING; “WHERE OH WHERE IS SPRING!”

Last a picture of how ducks often stay in pairs in cold weather.. Pairs of two or three, or you see many huddled together like they are a family.

Of course I must include a picture of a green duck to show the variety of the ducks that exist.

I counted about fifty ducks.. I’m not sure how many there are. As a photographer i enjoy such photo adventures like this one.. To capture moments in life that others will miss? Yes these ducks can be seen from the bridge on main street in downtown Montpelier, Vermont. Yet most people will walk by and not even notice.

First day of spring has come and gone by. The shadows upon the snow? Look at the angle of the shadows? They are not slanted. A week from now you could not take this picture as the angle will yield toward the summer angle meaning the shadows in this picture would be moving away from you.

Weather forecast for next week? high in low forties high thirties. Some snow and freezing rain, then rain for next seven days. Temps below average going into April. The ice on rivers and brooks, will be with us for at least another week. the snow pack in the woods, will melt some but still be significant. Expect to find a foot of snow or more in the woods.

I will leave you with pictures of a small waterfall flowing underneath ice that looks like crystals. You can hear it, but this is only place you can see it. 

Our surroundings provided by nature is indeed, just amazing if you stop to look and appreciate!

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Stella, and Pi 3.14 was not IRRATIONAL

Stella, and Pi 3.14 was not IRRATIONAL

I love macro shots!!!! When snow turns into ice crystals. Add some sunlight so it is back-lighting the crystals and you end up with a sparkling art show courtesy of Mother Nature. Again courtesy of Stella, to find hints of what is good about a record snow storm so late in the season.

The musical rumble of Stella was it rattled the mood of New England States. What, its March! Burlington Vermont, snow falling of rate of five inches an hour with blizzard conditions!! Our public transit system shut down around 2pm. If Feb had not felt like spring, I don’t think Stella would of felt like such a slap in the face, shock to the system. Shake those rumba rattles and maybe you will feel better if you express your frustration that March became Feb. and Feb. was more like March weather. What will April bring? hmmm, keep those rumba rattles nearby, you may need them!!!

Winds that sing as they work to sculpture the snow into works of art. Add sunlight to get highlights and shadows. The perfect ridge, with just the right amount of light shining through from in back .. Hints of ice crystals along the edges. circular pattern, just by chance? When the wind sings look for snow sculptures no human hands could create!!!

The fire escape.. Look out below if you stand underneath!!! I have seen fire escapes where the icicles make it all the way to the ground. They grow individually, merge as one, anchor to a  metal support underneath, then grow again as fingers, tendrils tell they reach the earth. Usually on the side with indirect sunlight yet enough to create that warming effect so the icicles can grow, just like those first shoots of tulips breaking ground, they appear and grow, tell old man winter is tamed by the birth of spring.

Brooks are fascinating in the winter. (do not walk on ice over rivers, brooks in winter!) They dive beneath the ice as if putting on mittens to keep warm. After a short distance they may reemerge to meander along their path only to disappear again beneath the ice. The playful nature of shadows upon the snow surrounding a brook just adds to the serenity on can feel next to a brook in wintertime. A warmth in mood even when only twenty degrees out. A sign of hope, for water that has not frozen in bitter chill of old man winter suggests, even in hibernation season, life flows somewhere, it is not gone, just taking a slumber, a rest. They are often the first indication spring has arrived if you watch carefully there flow pattern.

ledges are a photographers dream canvas when the light is just right and the temps have allowed the icicles to grow. I can spend a hour just looking for patterns in the ice formations to photograph. (warning this can be dangerous if the ice lets go while your beneath)  I have found ice that formed the shape of a hand. A face at times. I have icicles that grew up, not down. I can get so lost in looking at ice upon ledges it feels like i’m walking through the forest, only it is a forest of ice sculptures.

Sometimes its the sun, or light and shadow that makes the artistic expression come to life.

by changing your settings on the camera you can get that true reflection of detail in the ice, and the color of the ice. However while there is an absolute in shape, illusive to find it, for the color and shape can appear to change as the light changes. If this is difficult to picture in your mind then think of the moods of the sea, or a mountain, yes ice can reflect moods in same way.

Stella!!! The PI Day Storm. 3.1415 March 14, Stella arrived. 3/14

As of October 2014, has been calculated to 13.3 trillion decimal places, which took a computer 208 days to complete!

Even with that incredible feat of computation, we still haven’t found the end of it, or found any repeating pattern in the numbers, and it’s very likely that we never will, no matter how much knowledge we accumulate or how powerful our computers become. c=2xPIxR or 2PR=C

Notice the circle within the tree, or you could say, notice the knot in the tree.

This storm set or broke records in every state of new England. Just like PI it was irrational in what it did, or maybe we should say, not predictable in everything it would do. Seemed to go on endlessly in its historic trail of the many different kinds of records it broke.

Highest snowfall rate, 5 inches a hour for some, winds of hurricane force. Snowfall accumulations as high as 40″ inches in some locations. She is also responsible for the fact March became Feb. as weather pattern for month, Feb was our March weather. Oh those waves or bubbles of air of lows and highs! As she plowed north, the cold air came south. 

May you of enjoyed this for fun post about a feline named Stella. How she brought back all the charming traits of winter when we had already had a good four weeks of spring weather. Winter will be with us for another two weeks from long range forecasts, and will probably linger now into April. Finally, there is hope by end of first week of April, or second week, spring will come back.

Lets hope its not with vengence of fifty of sixty degree weather so sudden we then get floods from spring runoff, or from April showers.

May you find a charming fireplace to sit by and a good book to keep you company tell the snow melts, temps warm up, and spring, decides to come back from her vacation.