Ebony, Remain Alive, Make a Difference

Ebony, Remain Alive, Make a Difference

The above is a Thesaurus translation of the phrase, Black Lives Matter.

There is many ways to say something, and each way gives a different impression as to context of meaning.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau

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In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson
What is the current in today’s society? If not flawed in how it embraces principle. This is just one of many issues with Black Lives Matter, true their lives deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and they are not. However our entire society treats life as being less in value, and life in many ways has a price tag associated with it, and that is all it is worth? For you information, black lives are not the cheapest lives in our society, in fact they disrespect, the cheapest lives in our society as much as the white society of this country does, there crimes just as horrific, even against their own, blacks kill blacks as if life has no value? Some of their leaders have been quoted as saying they have issues within themselves as a people in not treating life with dignity and respect.

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Summum Bonum ,,”The greatest good, sometimes understood as sought by all. The concept was introduced into ethics by Aristotle and taken up by Aquinus.” Does Black Lives Matter embrace this idea in its slogan? The slogan itself in no way suggests this is true. It does suggest only Black Lives Matter, to know that this is not what it means, you must always ask someone to explain to you, what it really does mean, and assume they are telling you the truth, and giving you the same answer everyone else is being given. This is not a sign of a good slogan, nor good leadership.

Reductio Ad Absurdum, Method of arguing which refutes a proposition by showing that something absurd or contradictory follows from it.  I do believe this is true in the Black Lives Matter cause. While i can uphold a greater good in its ideal, I can hardly support the cause itself because the movement seems to be creating silos in society, and not doing much to actually heal society.. but enhancing fragmentation of our society.

and what of police brutality? While Blacks say they are treated unfairly compared to white people in how often they are treated with brutality, disrespect, killed. They disrespect that many in our society that are of other populations experience what they experience far more severely, in greater numbers per their total population, than blacks will ever experience. they are not even aware it seems of these other populations. its always just about blacks,, and blacks only. If this is not a reverse prejudice, what is it? Disgraceful, as much as i respect them, i also find their propaganda in their campaign disgraceful. It disrespects to many others so severely they do not even recognize they exist.

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Prima Facie, A term often used to indicate that something— an obligation, a right, evidence, has a presumptive force that will hold unless defeated by a superior consideration. Black Lives Matter as a slogan will always have a Prima Facie associated with it. It by itself is as a motto similar to any race in history that declared themselves the supreme race. No doubt in my mind that is not the message intended, Yet if there is a hint of truth in the fact this attitude is implied to exist, even in how they treat each other. Would this not explain the violence as, yes police brutality exists, but would they not get more of it by virtue of their attitude? and is that not one of arguments police give that when stopping persons that are black, attitude interaction is often what goes wrong?

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Here is a issue I think Black Lives Matter is trying to focus on, and again, struggling to do so and i think in many ways they fail to deliver the message, or the press refuses to report it.

Distributive Justice,,,, “that part of justice, whether legal or moral, concerning itself with the fair distribution of benefits and burdens.” This appears to be a core message to be delivered within the black Lives Matter movement.

So such slogans as , “No Justice, No Peace” is almost more a self fulfilling prophecy. Where Distributive Justice does not exist, you will not find peace around the issues where distributive justice is failing.

It seems the Dialectic conversation between whites and blacks, society and blacks, is struggling to speak, the same language, and there can be no conversation as the word implies unless the two sides can at least speak the same language.

The Syllogism: all Lives Matter, all Blacks have life, therefore, all Black Lives Matter. Do you see the problem? you can’t pick as your slogan the ending statement, you will always be trying to explain the first two statements so people can understand the third, or they will apply their own interpretation.

(this reflects as reflective commentary on current events involving Black Lives Matter as i think through the issues. In no way is it meant to suggest lack of value of any life, only reflect on trying to understand the movement and slogan, Black Lives Matter. Personally i’m leaning toward, they don’t have the right issues as their priority in respect  to what they are focused on. I do think they have a horrible slogan considering what it seems to be representing. It is possible the saying itself is so bad it is hindering the conversations that need to occur, and may be contributing to the violence, this i find tragic.

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The Bedim Dell,, part one, (fiction)

The Bedim Dell  Part one, (fiction)


Nature has her places of obscurity. May the Creator have mercy on anyone that dares explore such places. Especially if they really do find what they were looking for, or thought they knew what they were looking for, which may not be what they find! I testify that in the wilderness of the White Mountain National Forest are curiosities that simply cannot be explained, and places best left undisturbed. Legends that intrigue, and should be left as campfire stories.

Some will dare even against the advice of the experienced hikers and guides. There are always some that do not survive, or simply, vanish, and others come back with tales no one will ever believe. Alex


Alex – Twenty years experience as a trail guide within the White Mountains of the Northeast. Known for her expertise in survival skills, knowledge of the terrain and environmental behavior, weather patterns. She is considered to be an expert in the legends and myths of the white mountains specifically, and very well versed in New England Legends.

Zor – Loves the Wilderness adventure, but never hikes alone. Needs the help of others with better survival skills. Always posting on bulletin boards looking for someone to hike with. Kind of considered to be more of a liability by others that have gone on hikes with him.

Aza – Loves to exploit Mother Nature for profit. Well known as a treasure hunter with a tendency to be over confident, and impatient. Moderate survival skills, but horrible sense of direction. Prefers to hire guides so he will not get lost..

White Mountains of New Hampshire – home to highest mountain peak in Northeast. Land of some of the most extreme weather patterns one can encounter. The White Mountains can kill very easily even the most experienced hiker. Difference between magnetic North and True North in this region, 17 degrees.

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Alexandrine looked at the email again contemplating if she wanted to take this proffer. The terms were good, but the reason given troubled her.. She had spent the better part of her life as a guide in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Her reputation was excellent and she was especially well known for being able to manage difficult situations and get everyone back safely. Group hikes with children loved to hire her since she was also well versed campfire stories to keep children entertained, and put just enough spook into the children that they didn’t wander away from camp, nor get to much of a dare devil, know it all attitude.

Her experience with some of the most dangerous terrain the White Mountains had to offer was why she had gotten this proffer, but the purpose of the estimated week long hike had her hesitating to say yes.. After taking another sip of coffee she made her decision and typed a reply accepting to lead two men by the name of Zor and Aza into some of the White Mountains more remote wilderness. What she could not know, was in spite of her experience with the mountains, this breed of adventurer she had not encountered before.

Aza was feeling quite smug with himself for getting Alex as a guide for Zor and himself. She would be bringing them into the Willey Range. For a year he had been carefully trying to find someone well versed in the area he needed to go into yet someone that would not ask to many questions about his other motives for wanting to go on this trip. He had talked with her several times now to firm up the finer details of the trip presenting it as two men just wanting to experience the extreme nature of the wilderness experience.

He was still upset with Zor who almost got Alex to suspicious when he mentioned there was a possibility none of them would be returning. He managed to explain Zor comment away as his friend was not always very confident in his attitude toward the adventures they went on, yet he would be the first to insist he wanted to be part of the adventure. Still Alex raised her price saying due to attitude issues this had changed her thinking in how she would guide them into and through this adventure. Aza agreed without hesitation, just as long as he didn’t have to tell her his true purpose was to find, the Bedim Dell.

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Zor knew he was Aza only friend that was willing to go with him on this trip. All of his other friends insisted the White Mountains had been scoured so intensely since the 1800’s there was no way a place could exist and not be on the map… Zor knew why Aza was so determined. He had been with him when Aza found in a book store a torn up but well used journal of a former trail guide that worked in the White Mountains.. It was in this journal Aza heard for the first time the tale of the Bedim Dell..

“We took the Kancamagus HIghway up to see the Captain. We left our jeep and started hiking according to the captain directions to signal ridge.” Zor had memorized the next part. “Follow the trail of desolation to the Bedim Dell. Hale the gates of Hell, the angel and devil are one!” at the bottom of the page the guide had written, The Bedim Dell was not listed on maps even though it did exist.

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The Bedim Dell Part Two, (fiction)

The Bedim Dell  Part Two, (fiction)

bedim desolation trail

Aza had a plan for how to get to Zealand Notch. Without tell Alex why, he was going to suggest following Kangamagus highway tell they got to one of the trail-heads parking areas, then hike in through trails leading to the Captain and beyond. Zor had suggested approaching the hiking trip from the north, heading south, then east through the cliffs tell they got to Zealand Notch. Both plans had advantages and disadvantages.. Aza knew that Zor plan made sense if they wanted to keep the trip to a certain length of time. However going by way of the captain made sense if one was looking to follow the clues starting with the very first one, the Kangamagus Highway. He was certain Alex would at least let them choose what location they started there trip from as long as she felt it was a reasonable request from her perspective as guide of this trip.

A week later Alex had surpassed both Aza and Z0r expectations Her knowledge of the area and its legends had helped them understand the cryptic nature of the legend. Some clues had been found just by hiking the same path as the legend had suggested.. Yet they were now on the northern end of Zealand Notch and Alex had announced she was guiding them to 13 falls campsite. She felt this was the best tactical point to make camp tell they, (her hagglers as she liked to think of them since they were always talking in a way of bartering when suggesting what there preference was) Aza and Zor could figure out there differences in how to precede from here.

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Hagglers Beguile

All three of them enjoyed the campfire while soothing there sore muscles. Alex smiled as she realized her hagglers may be thinking they got more than they anticipated when they asked for a remote wilderness experience. She had also noticed a change in attitude as they approached and traveled through Zealand Notch.. She had to much experience not to notice an obvious refocusing of priorities taking place in Aza first, but Zor showed the same change occurring within him.

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As the flames died down and the coals reddish glow became the light the three could see by the conversation changed from the days adventures to tomorrows plans. Zor suggested they set there goal for the day as hiking to hellgate and then hike through the harsh terrain to the cliffs. Perhaps there was some clues to be found within hellgate and up on the cliffs? Aza had other ideas, he wanted to go back through Livermore and explore the area around Zealand Pass.. and the Zealand Cliffs.

As Alex listened she could now clearly hear a undertone that had nothing to do with the hike itself, but she was finding her initial suspicions confirmed. These two were treasure hunters with Aza being the one that was clearly becoming obsessed with finding whatever he was looking for. Zor was more into the adventure but well aware that whatever this thing is they were looking for was the final goal of this hike. However, he spoke of the goal more as a mystery within the adventure, not as the sole purpose of the hike..

As the fire was giving up the last of its light, it was clear Aza was going back to Zealand Notch on his own. Alex saw no reason to be alarmed since Zealand Notch was a popular destination even for a place embedded in Wilderness only accessible by trails.. He had proven his skills adequate for his plans, and he rarely listened to her advice anyways as to where he wanted to go, but did listen to her advice on managing the terrain.

Zor idea actually made more sense to her but she was the guide taking them where they wanted to go. Still Zor did not have adequate skills for going to Hellgate, much less so for hiking through it to the cliffs. She abruptly got up, wished Aza good luck on his choice and then pointed to Zor as she looked at Aza, “I will guide him to and through Hellgate. We will meet in four days at Zealand Hut at the north end of Zealand Notch and then as you have requested i will guide you up to Hale Mt. by way of the lend a hand trail.

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The Bedim Dell (Part Three) fiction

The Bedim Dell (Part Three) fiction

bedim zealand notch hellgate

Alex woke to find Aza had already packed and left back the way they had hiked in the day before. She wished him well in his quest but was relieved he was, going alone. His dominating attitude was becoming a problem even she needed a break from. Besides, by guiding Zor there was a chance she may learn more about this quest they seemed to be on, yet shared very few details. She had learned by piecing together bits of information that slipped out in conversations that although Aza was certain there were clues in Zealand Notch she was certain it was not the notch itself that was where more clues would be found. Nope, hellgate seemed a far more logical choice. She was certain Zor would unknowingly give her more details now he did not have Aza shadowing their conversations.

When they got to Hellgate Zor looked disappointed. Her guess was he really had no idea just how rough the terrain was up over the cliffs.

W. Bond Mt. 4540 ft,,,, Bond Mt. 4698,,,, Bondcliff 1265 ft drop

Hellgate was a boulder field for a trail leading up to Bond Mt. pass Bond Cliff, and eventually they would find there way back to Zealand Notch. There was only a handful of guides that knew how to get out of hellgate, most gave up when they saw the sheer wall of rock ahead of them, but she had learned from a guides journal given to her as a gift long ago how to get out of hellgate. Darn she missed that journal. What was it, ten years ago, somewhere around that time, she lost it while staying in one of huts on the slopes of the Presidential Range.

Zor looked defeated and spoke slowly, “I guess our only way back will be to go back the way we came in once we explore Hellgate, and i see no reason to, “Hale the gates of Hell”, i hope Aza has better luck than we are having.”

Alex turned and looked Zor eye to eye, “Zor, where did you hear those words spoken, or did you read them?” She could tell he immediately was feeling, uncomfortable realizing he had said something out loud, that she understood the meaning of. Wait, she understood the meaning of those words?

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The Bedim Dell, Part Four (fiction)

The Bedim Dell, Part Four (fiction)

cairn clouds awe

Alex met O’niz while hiking thunderstorm junction.. Alex, with little experience at that time, was trying to understand the trail of cairns through the junction.  The two woman became close friends once they realized they both shared a similar passion in life. Being a trail guide in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. O’niz was always writing in her journal details about the terrain, weather, vegetation, and energy of different locations within the White Mountains… O’niz taught Alex ancient ways and legends of the White Mountains. Skills of survival that could only be taught through stories, and by learning from someone that knew them, not by reading a book. Just before she died she called to Alex in a spirit dream to come visit her so she could give her a gift. The journal had stayed by Alex side tell the day she lost it. She had memorized almost all the information in the journal including O’niz personal opinions about certain places in the White Mountains. To her, O’niz opinions were, sayings of elder wisdom.

There were many places like Thunderstorm Junction meant to be treated with utmost respect. O’niz had made a list of many such places in her journal along with the reasons why. However Alex knew those entries were written in a code that only she knew how to interpret because O’niz had taught her how to interpret it.


“Zor, where did you hear those words spoken or did you read them.” She watched as he sat down on one of the many many boulders and just sort of slumped over with elbows on his knees. “I read it in a journal Aza has with him. We both read it and neither of us could understand what it really meant. That is why Aza hired you to take us on this adventure into the wilderness. It is also why he was so insistent the trip needed to start with the Captain and the desolate trail. He is looking for, The Bedim Dell.”

bedim zealand notch hellgate

Alex sat next to Zor and took out her water bottle and drank deeply, put the cap back on and stuffed it back into its place on her backpack. “Zor, we are going to get to Zealand hut in three days, not four. I will show you where to find the Bedim Dell, but I encourage you not to really find it. I prefer to show you hoping you can talk Aza out of seeking to not so much find it, but go through it.” Alex knew if Aza figured out where to find it, he would not hesitate to go into this place that really isn’t listed on any map and the reason she would have to explain to Zor on their way to Zealand hut.

The hike over the Cliffs and Mt. Bond and Mt. Guyot was going to tax the endurance limits of both of them. But it was the fastest way to get to the Zealand Ridge Trail leading them straight to the shelter of the same name.

and what of Aza? He had hiked as far as Whitewall Mt. Realizing he was not finding any more clues he decided to turn right and head up out of the Notch by way of Zeacliff Trail then turn right again onto Zealand Ridge Trail and find his way to where he would meet Alex and Zor, Zealand Hut.

old man in the mountain

Entanglement is to be in two places at the same time by moving faster than the speed of light. However the particles involved will always have reverse polarity from point of reference polarity. Consider the fate of the Old Man in the Mountain. what if he was a space traveler that entered a entanglement portal and materialized within the mountain?

What about Aza? Alex asked Zor as they were approaching Zealand Hut. Zor kept right on walking as he quipped, “If Aza had listened to you he would be here with us. So we will leave him a message at the hut saying we are on our way up lend a hand trail to Mt. Hale if he isn’t already there waiting for us. “Zor I said i would guide you to Mt. Hale, i didn’t say i would accompany you to the summit. I will go as far as the conifers, no further.” Zor nodded his head as if he had already considered he was making the trek to the top of this mountain alone.

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The Bedim Dell, Part Five, (fiction)

The Bedim Dell, Part Five, (fiction)

The Devils Angel

Aza returned the afternoon of the day Alex and Zor had left him a message at Zealand hut. When he read they had headed out on helping hand trail that morning for Hale Mt. he wasted no time in taking a sponge bath, repacking supplies as needed, and was out the door again by three in the afternoon. He did notice the bulletin board for weather reports listed chance of severe thunderstorms. Ironically, no one saw the smile on his face, he considered thunderstorms to be a sign of good luck today.

The hike up helping hand trail was not a task Zor needed help from Alex to complete. The trail was well marked but Alex has always enjoyed exploring the legends and myths of the White Mountains. She had no plans of exploring this one, but she could watch as Zor did so just as long as she was a safe distance away. She would go no further than the conifers.

bedim black angel trail zeta pass

She could see Zor struggle crossing the puncheons, and seriously thought at one point he was going to lose his blance and fall into the swampy wetlands. She however quickly crossed them and now stood just inside the stand of conifers next to one of the strange boulders that began to appear singularly here, but the summit was covered by a field of these strange boulders. She got out her compass and sure enough just like the last time she was here, clear evidence the boulders are highly magnetic, the compass needle was spinning, then wobbling, spinning again.

There was a saddle before the summit so she waited for Zor to reappear, and she hears the soft low rumble of thunder in the distance, and he must of heard it to because he is looking at the sky as he reaches the boulder field that is the summit of Mt. Hale. “Well i warned him that if he wanted to find the Bedim Dell the legend said he had to be on this summit when a thunderstorm was approaching.” yup with this thought in mind she was convinced this was fate she had no control over. She had done as she said she would, guided him not only to where he needed to go, but been able to translate the legend so he would go where he needed to be? “hmmm,” she thought, “perhaps she should of been more explicit in explaining the consequences? But how would she of explained what O’niz had seen in her visions?”

Another clap of thunder and Alex grabbed her backpack and headed toward a boulder(magnetic) that had a overhang large enough for her to seek shelter under and still see what would happen to Zor.

cloud jazz awe

We imagine faces in the clouds, but what if?

When thunder is contemplating what to do with a hiker stranded on a treeless summit it often has a low guttural roar hinting it is building in intensity of energy. Zor could feel the energy transferring to the rocks around him and he felt like he was standing in the middle of a huge static electricity field. “Wait, were the rocks emitting a bluish glow?” Oh his eyes were seeing it but his mind was not accepting——– Alex watched, she saw the blue glow, heard the hum, and knew just before the flash of lightning, Zor, had vanished!

Aza saw the flash of lightning, and he burst into a run almost tripping and falling but caught himself and regained his balance as he rushed through the stand of conifers and down into the saddle. Another clap of thunder, darn this storm was moving fast and it was almost right overhead that the next discard of lightning would occur if the timing between the flash and clap of thunder was any indication.

Alex watched Aza running up the path, thinking as she did so, or trying to think of a way to understand such madness in behavior. Zor she was worried about, he really didn’t deserve what may happen to him, but Aza?


ar23 awesome harmonics tunnel lighterZor watched as the blue light faded around him. He was alive, but he was not on the summit of Mt. Hale any longer!!! He was surrounded by the high cliffs of a pass. When he looked up he saw, a sky that was not night, but black just like looking up into a thunderstorm. Was he inside the thunderstorm? Wait that could not be, as he touched the face of the cliff to make sure it was real. No idea where he was he started walking through the pass, and soon came to a trail-sign.  Only one trail was open, and it read, Black Angel Trail.

With each turn it seemed to be getting darker as if he was walking into some kind of void of blackness. For the umpteenth time he was wishing he had listened to Alex. Now he could hear sounds coming out of the darkness. No sound he had ever heard before, except, whatever was in front of him, sounded hungry?

Aza mind was racing with thoughts, and he was mad! He never thought Zor would have the courage to explore the legend on his own. He had guessed right that alex would want to find the origin of the legend but not explore it further. He had not anticipated she would be willing to let Zor explore it on his own. He had completely underestimated, Zors’ courage. Now he was envious, what had he discovered!

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The Bedim Dell, Part Six, (fiction) Finale

The Bedim Dell, Part Six, (fiction) Finale

Alex really didn’t know much about Quantum physics. A Quantum space time portal? Entangled positions in space, a duality, of co existence. Just like the legend suggested. She found it easier to understand the legend than the science. Yet she knew, this legend suggested, or at least implied, a desolate destiny awaits. She pressed herself against the rock she was sheltering beneath. Thankful for the ledge or lip above just large enough she was out of the rain, but could hear the thunder and see the bright flashes of lightning. She was beginning to feel strange, hmmm, ground shocks? She thought she was seeing several bolts of lightning had now hit the boulder field over on the summit.

bedim devils hopyard

Aza saw the blue glow of the rocks as he approached the summit. Of course! The rocks were magnetic! Why hadn’t he realizied, Where intense magnetic fields exist, vegetation would be desolate? Follow the Captain? The crows nest often glowed blue in thunderstorms!!! and the black Angel? No he could not see that connection, (bright flash) and hellsgate? was that really a warning to not get to——–

he felt the prick of small needles upon his skin, and realized he was wrapped in a bluish light that was now fading. His eyesight hampered by spots in front of his eyes from the bright flash but it was getting better. Before him he sees a boulder field where every bolder is covered by green moss. Hes in a ravine? Shouts from behind him, people are nearby and no, not people, men with guns shouting to each other like there looking for something.

Aza decided to head up the ravine. However as he hops from boulder to boulder he realizes there is a brook flowing beneath the rocks and if he slips, he has no idea how far down he would fall in some of these crevices. His feet, they are strangly dressed in boots? His clothes? His clothes he is in a German soldier uniform!! Those men, are after him? He runs farther into the ravine, and it ends with a sheer cliff, there is no way out.

canada general 1331

Located in the town of Stark New Hampshire, was a pow camp for german soldiers. The year, Aza knows the year, for he has appeared within the ravine that is called the Devils hopyard dressed in a german uniform, chased by men that consider him to be an escaped prisoner.

Town records show a german soldier by the name of Aza had escaped and was trapped in the hopyard trying to escape. The records show he tried to surrender by waving his gun while yelling, “Don’t shoot, i’m not a german soldier, don’t shoot, I surrender!” The guards reported because of the way he was acting they did not hesitate to shoot him. His blood was seen flowing in the waters of the brook beneath their feet. He was buried in the pow graveyard.

wash hut still at work in man

Mark Twain Quotes. Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.

Alex had found shelter beneath a magnetic rock amidst the conifers with a view of the summit on the other side of the saddle. She told the story that sometime during the night she passed out from ground shocks as she watched the lighting dancing upon the summit across from her.

But the truth is, Alex didn’t wake up on Hale Mt. She woke up back within the gorge of Hellgate brook. Far enough away this gorge was not affected by runoff of the severe thunderstorms. Hale Mt. drained into a different drainage system. Choosing the shortest and easiest route possible, she made her way back to Zealand hut by the evening of the next day. Her passing out, is a story she shard at the hut to explain why she returned so late in the day. As to the rest of the story? Well it is said one of Alex best campfire stories she tells is about the Bedim Dell. Children say she makes it sound so real!

Aza and Zor were listed as missing and presumed dead, although their bodies were never found. Alex reported against her advice they wandered upon Mt. Hale summit and got caught in the severe thunderstorms. The Wrath of Mother Nature within the White Mountains has no mercy, Especially if you do not respect her mysteries within this domain.

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