hurricane saga

Hurricane Saga

 Harvey just kind of got lost over Texas, sort of acted like, oh maybe i will move tomorrow, yea i should move, but maybe tomorrow is better to move up north.. oh all this rain to heavy to carry, dump some of it right here, ahhh, that feels so much better.

Irma, i’m woman hear me roar!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!! what do you mean you know what i’m thinking, since when has men been able to know what a woman is thinking,.. meteorologist, ” we just don’t know where she is going tell she makes that turn” Irma, ” what turn? this is a shopping trip i’m trying to figure out where the best buys are along the east coast. Pardon me while i whip up a breeze that will clear the shelves of merchandise off of store shelves.” Irma talking with Jose, ‘Honey, what do you think, should i go east, or west, through florida, beside it, go inland, or just north, how about northeast?” Jose, “honey while you make up your mind, i’m turning north and giving you plenty of personal space,” Jose thinking to himself, ” get away man, shes pissed!”


 Jose, “wow if i go north and pull that high with me, Irma moves east and that saves me money because it trims the cost of her shopping trip.”

Now Irma as it turns out, did decide to pass by cuba and do some sightseeing along the coast and then abruptly decided she wanted to visit the Florida Keys. Besides she really didn’t like all that dry air to the west so she took a sharp turn north and as we all now know had a wonderful time visiting the keys.

Unfortunately she didn’t get away from that dry air fast enough and , well, dry air just isn’t good for a woman’s figure when your a hurricane. This was her wrath as she got over the Florida Keys.. “jose, can you hear me?” “I need help!” ” “This is ruining the shape of the back end of my eye-wall!”

Now the shape of a female hurricanes eye-wall is like how human females value the shape of their body. Jose was beside himself.. He knew how his contentious wife felt about her figure!! She had spent so much time while crossing the Atlantic working on getting that ultra perfect shapely figure that any other female hurricane would be envious of.

“Irma, sweep up in your breezy arms honey one of those funny rectangles they all look at and use this thing called gps to find your best path over to Jacksonville.” “I will Meet you there.” Jose knew if she could get up there he just might be able to reach out with his arms and help feed her some of his extra moisture to help her rebuild her backside eye wall.

Alas it was not to be.. This is about the time Katia realized the hurricane she had been flirting with was Irma’s husband! Harvey, remember him, no wonder he just went in circles up in Texas. Katia had shunned him and now he saw Irma coming toward him knowing Katia was flirting with her husband!!! I guess that is about the time Texas got flooded as he tried to shrink his presence and get away.

Well we all now know, Katia took out her wrath on Mexico, Irma brought her wrath to the entire state of florida, and then up into Georgia and surrounding states. She used the gps and saw hurricane Donna path and decided that was a good way to go and hit some really popular cities along the way to do some shopping. Her favorite sport, was to empty bays of their water and watch the boats get stuck in the mud. She also liked to see what bays and coves, harbors looked like when they had no water.

Irma lived a long life for a hurricane. She spent her senior years up over Georgia, South Carolina, but her tears of sorrow sure did flood those funny looking structures humans like to build. They didn’t seem to be built very well . Why just by taking a deep breath she found they would end up falling apart if she let out her breath out with a deep sigh.

Jose is all that is left now.. Harvey and Irma was in their own way hundred year storms. Those names will never be used again.. Irma list of records she broke is several pages long!!!!  Harvey set records but more specific such as rainfall amounts making his tears historic flooding events. Keep an eye on Jose. He may yet leave his mark upon the northeast. The only place left hurricanes like to visit that has not been visited yet this year by a hurricane. Now you don’t want to see the northeast left out of participation in this years hurricane season do you? So its only fair mother nature will be sending a hurricane into the northeast before this season is over.

What is the Hundred Year Storm? 

The term “100year flood” is used in an attempt to simplify the definition of a flood that statistically has a 1-percent chance of occurring in any given year. Likewise, the term “100year storm” is used to define a rainfall event that statistically has this same 1-percent chance of occurring.Dec 9, 2016

How many different scenarios can create a hundred year storm, or flood? Here is where extreme weather from climate change, and a hundred year event, gets into murky waters just because of the definition. Can a hundred year event occur more frequently than every hundred years? The answer when you see todays weather patterns is, YES THEY CAN!!!! The reality is you can have six, eight different scenarios that create hundred year floods storms, and there is nothing that suggests all six or eight can’t occur within a say fifteen year spread of time. Nothing that prevents two from occurring in same year, and strike same location!!!!

If climate change is real, and extreme weather is an effect, then the hundred year flood would have more than a 1 percent chance of occurring. However is it climate change, just effect of a long term hundred year long cycle in weather patterns, or both? Sometimes statistics are just descriptions of what can happen in a very general way. They can’t actually predict the when, where, nor what specific event will happen, just that it does happen.

The more extreme the chances of extreme weather, the greater the chance for a hundred year weather event to occur. A hundred weather event is about how often all the right circumstances will occur. Once those scenarios do occur, they do not suggest how many hundred year storms will occur.. Example what is your chances of getting a scattered thunderstorm? Oh maybe 50% lets say… However if that summers weather patterns has been making chances of a thunderstorm over your area more frequent in that particular year? Then you probably have more than a fifty percent chance of seeing a scattered thunderstorm.

Many people literally assume it means this event “can only” happen every 1000 years (in the case of a 1000-year event).

Here is what it actually means as described on the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI, but formerly NCDC) webpage:

…it is a statistical way of expressing the probability of something happening in any given year. A “100 year” storm event has a one in one hundred or 1% chance of happening in any given year. A “500 year” event has a one in five hundred or .2% chance of happening in any year.

Sorry folks but that hundred year weather event, can happen as often as it wants to when the circumstances allow for that event to occur. The probability is about those circumstances that creates that weather event occurring, not how many events will occur.

Don’t be surprised if there are many more hundred year events in this year, maybe in same area.

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Land where Highs and Lows is the Hurricane

Land where Highs and Lows is the Hurricane

It seems like many other days. A wonderful sunrise, with some morning fog that will burn off and reveal a sunny fall day.. Sometimes the forecast will say, sun this morning, rain by afternoon.. That fall rain that is more of a steady drizzle, but relentless, and may add up to a inch or two of rain.

The rivers are low with a summer flow of slow currents, sand bars in middle of the river, and in some places the flow of water looks more like a brook than a flow of a river. Rocks exposed that will disappear from sight in the fall not to be seen again until the next summer..

Late summer flowers like the sunflower blooms and fades as early signs of fall flow into our valleys with cool temps of shorter days, and that crisp air of morning fall jackets, first frost will visit soon.

By end of August that dread of winter to come, but joy of the season in-between. The first maple leaves begin to show fall colors and you know that children are back in school, and pumpkins will begin to ripen. Back to school sales soon to be followed by shelves of Halloween candy on display as well.

The calm before the storm. You stand looking at the calm, serene nature of a waterfall with a sound in the air something like a soft chorus of chimes, oh yes the sounds of waterfalls can be very musical to hear. The gentle personality of mother nature.

Now this waterfall is, about 240 miles from the ocean, and resides within the green mountains of Vermont. Yet this waterfall has seen and felt the effects of many hurricanes since the 1800’s and before.. Historic data on how many hurricanes it has seen gets sketchy before 1900. The last hurricane it saw was Irene, which some say was Vermont’s hundred year storm. I’m not convinced that is true.

Irene gave Vermont over 7″ of rain. The 1927 flood Vermont got just over 9″ of rain in some places.. When you put that amount of rain into mountain brooks like these pictures show, i think you can imagine what they will look like, and all that water quickly has to flow into the valleys. The closer you get to the top of the mountains your talking high water flash floods. In the valleys its more a long term flood of the rivers that will last for days.. The farther down the major rivers the water flows, the longer it takes for the flood to reach its peak height, and the longer the flood lasts.

All of the hurricanes I have seen effect Vt. generally arrive by same weather pattern. You put a high in the Atalantic the hurricane must travel around. Maybe a high in Canada to slow up its speed.. A low guided by the jet stream that will draw in the hurricane over land.. When these ingredients come together in just the right way, we get hurricanes in Vermont. Significant rain, strong winds. So we can get wind damage, and definitely flooding.

What will Irwin do, will this hurricane find its way to Vermont, the Northeast? Right now it is possible. some of the paths in spaghetti models clump together and show a landfall around south Carolina, the storm moves inland and then turns to the right coming up and over central Vt. and New Hampshire. The high sends it into the Carolina’s, and the jet stream brings it over Vt. If there is a low involved it doesn’t show yet.

All we can do is wait and see, and with each day if that forecast looks more likely start your preparations. Water, food, flashlights, charged cell phones,, first aid Kit,, and look to the sky, and stay vigilant?

Last, just a reminder, even a hurricane that has been downgraded to a tropical low, has enough rain to cause extensive flooding within valleys of the Green Mountains.

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Climate Change Will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!! (part one)

Climate Change will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!!! (Part One)

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Henry Ford
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I’m sure some of you have heard that the sand upon a beach is Sometimes referred to as an image that visually reflects the ripples of time. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say time is uncertain in the flow of its path? It is far more fluid in what direction it will flow than we assume. So is the same reality within the issue of climate change. To know it exists does not tell us, the details of which path it will take. We cannot be certain what will happen.

We know there will be a high tide and low tide and the beach in-between the tides will look different with each low tide. However except for the high moon tide, when tides are more extreme, we expect where to find low tide, and the boundary of the high tide and this will never change unless we experience a storm tide. We assume in our lifetime this will never change. As it has been it will always be.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. Nathaniel Hawthorne
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We, or science, measures the shadows of time and tries to understand, when will that shadow be seen again within climate change patterns.

Climate change does not agree with what we assume to be true. Some of you believe that mankind footprint on this Earth is changing the Climate, and you are correct we do effect the climate. Some of you don’t believe we are effecting the climate, and you are somewhat correct. We do not fully understand such things as 100 year, 1000 year cycles in Earth climate change. So what is change man created and what is something else?  We do not know when the earth will cool just because, it always has, nor when it may warm up simply because, it always has as part of a macro climate cycle. Most of us, or our generation, would not see the macro cycles. Our ancestors and their stories they pass down from one generation to the next is the only record we have of past events. Science is beginning to be able to measure past climate conditions but they still struggle with the why of climate changes, and specific times that changes occurred.

One future fact many people miss. Few understand that archaeology is not just the study of the ancient civilizations, but it is often closely related to a study of climate change and how such changes effected past civilizations.

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in the mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity. Calvin Coolidge
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I think the above quote helps explain why understanding climate change is so difficult. The experience and maturity to form judgement that reflects wisdom comes from accumulative wisdom and facts of generations that have seen weather cycles that are natural, vs. climate change that is something new and may indeed be a effect where mankind is the cause.

In the above picture you are looking at low tide at a beach in Maine. It was like this when i was a child, and is today at age 63. The high tide mark would be right about where the tire tracks go near the pilings of the pier. Again this is the way it is now and was when i was a child. Some would say, “see there is evidence there is no climate change!” Yet just out beyond the waves, below the waves could be evidence of climate change you cannot see.

One cannot judge if climate change exists based on their own personal experience, nor on the experience of just their generation. There is another factor, would you recognize climate change if you saw it in its most subtle form? Most of us need to see the extreme to believe in such theories as global warming.  One last quote and that will conclude part one.

One of the big questions in the climate change debate: Are humans any smarter than frogs in a pot? If you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, it won’t jump out. Instead, it will enjoy the nice warm bath until it is cooked to death. We humans seem to be doing pretty much the same thing. Jeff Goodell
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Nature is however showing signs of reacting to climate change and adapting. It is man that seems to debate what to do, and does nothing. Yes Jeff, we seem to be like the frog?

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Climate Change will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!!! (part two)

Climate Change will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!!! (part two)

Believe it or not, very little research has ever been funded to search for natural mechanisms of warming… it has simply been assumed that global warming is manmade. Climate change – it happens, with or without our help. Roy Spencer
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Is the above a statement of denial? No, its true more money has been spent on researching our influence on the environment rather than how the environment changes on its own. However keep in mind research into how the climate changes on its own may not occur under the title of global warming or climate change. One could be doing a archaeology research project and it could be a significant study on how the climate change effected that civilization.

The fact may be it is easier to measure how we change the environment than to measure how the environment changes on its own. Man can change the environment in a very short period of time, can nature change the environment as fast as we can? We know that there are hints of rapid climate change at times in the past but not the cause. In general we see measurements of nature changing through climate patterns or cycles, that are over extended periods of time of ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred, or hundreds of years. Since we don’t know all the mechanisms that create climate change, the longer the cycle the more unknown the variables.

For every expert that says humans are the cause of ‘climate change’ there are 10 more who say we aren’t. Bradley A. Blakeman
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Yet we do know something as simple as reducing the number of flowers that grow in an area can effect bee populations, and that the opposite is true with reduction in bee population this effects the pollination cycle. Are we responsible for the reduction in the bee population?

We are certainly responsible for deforestation! In same way there is no doubt we are responsible for increase pollution in rivers, brooks, streams, lakes, ponds, and the ocean. We do know that our use of carbon fuels does create atmospheric pollution, but at what consequences? This is one area as an example where science says, yes man is responsible for an effect, but which effects is us, and which is part of a natural weather cycle within nature.

Scientist tell us that with the effects we are having on the environment they have noticed, or are tracking, the extinction of species is a direct effect of changes we are making to the environment. This one gets a bit more interesting to consider. Have we without realizing it put the human species on the list of extinctions that will occur?

When a species can not adapt to rate of change within nature, what usually happens to that species? Nature is quite absolute! Any species in nature is required to adapt to her biorhythms as she changes. The rules for our species is no different than any other species. Here is a chilling fact. Our intellect may not be a factor in how nature could decide to make us an extinct species. In fact is it more of a reason she may want to, and is of no value against the way she may choose to make our extinction happen.

( Corn field in Vermont. This water should not be there. It is because of excessive rainfall we have had this summer. Corn does not like wet summers so you may notice it is stunted in growth)

Climate change is a controversial subject, right? People will debate whether there is climate change… that’s a whole political debate that I don’t want to get into. I want to talk about the frequency of extreme weather situations, which is not political. Andrew Cuomo
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Now lets talk about extreme weather and before you say, “oh yes i know this one! Our state just had five years of extreme drought!” (California)  While if i talk with someone from southeastern United States they may say, “oh yea i know this one we are getting extreme flooding from thunderstorms dropping rainfall amounts per storm unlike anything we have seen during my lifetime!”  Both these statements have the same problem. The short period of time in which they have occurred. Any weather event as a singular event or even pattern of events that is only ten years long is not enough to say, its an effect we have caused compared to is it just nature going through one of her natural cycles. This is where the science is stepping in trying to answer the question of which is it? The answer seems to be, it is both us, and nature making changes.

To confuse the issue even more nature naturally has extreme weather in her natural cycles. So how do we determine if it is us as a species, or just nature being herself going through a cycle she knows very well, but we don’t live long enough to remember the last time this occurred. Some of her cycles are so long that even two hundred years of ancestor stories would not be enough to capture validation this cycle has happened before.

(2017 corn crop in state of Vermont. Last year this was taller than I am. This year it comes up to my waist)

Here is the pun. What we do know, and you will see this if you watch the weather channel, our infrastructure we built does not take into account extreme weather! In many cases it did not take into account weather related events at all. In other cases they looked for the worse weather event in last hundred years and built it to withstand that storm. Yet that same place may allow a trailer park on a hundred year flood plane simply because, “hey that kind of storm only happens every hundred years.”

(our cement, concrete, brick, tar infrastructure adds to heat experienced in cities during a heatwave. Trains do not leave anywhere near the carbon fingerprint cars and trucks do. However they do burn carbon based fuel.)

We will finish part two with the tale of the ferries that run on Lake Champlain, Vermont. 

It is noteworthy that even they are not immune to extreme weather events. An exceptionally harsh winter can make it difficult for the year round ferry to stay operational. Extreme flooding in the spring can effect a ferries ability to dock as well as effect people ability to access the dock. Harbors and docks can contribute to lake pollution and foreign vegetation contamination to the lake environment.

No matter what it is we have done, there is usually an adverse impact on the environment. We are the only species on this planet having this kind of effect on nature. Does this sound like a species that naturally belongs to the environment of this Earth? What if we are the invasive species to the entire planet?

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Climate Change will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!!! (part three)

Climate Change will Bring the Aliens to Earth, You will not know they are here!!!! (part three)

What would an alien life form on earth look like? Sci fi loves this kind of question and many stories have been written trying to answer this question. There are just as many stories about us going into outer space where we become the alien life form. Odd however how often a sci fi story is written where we are the species traveling in space yet it is the alien life forms we encounter considered to be the alien. It seems no matter where we go we assume we have the right to be there as the visitor, or the perfectly normal life form just migrating to a new location and the environment on the new planet may be consider hostile to us, and not mentioned as we are an invasive species on that planet.

Yet in the movie independence day what are the aliens considered to be, an invasion of a hostile species.

We are sliding back into a dark era, and there seems little we can do about it. I am profoundly depressed at just how difficult it has become merely to get a realistic conversation started on issues such as climate change or genetically modified organisms. Nina Fedoroff
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(These apples are not genetically modified)

However would the alien species be capable of genetically modifying its environment? There are two candidates that immediately come to mind. The human species not only modifies our environment, we are genetically modifying ourselves. The other is viruses. There is literature suggesting that viruses are the genetic tool of modification that could travel here on an asteroid or meteorite and land in the arctic. There the information that virus contains remains for however long it takes for it to flow with the glacier until it reaches a warmer temperature climate.  As the glacier melts the virus is released from where it has been into the environment free to transmit its information into whatever it finds itself compatible with.

Would we even know from its effect it came from another world? From out there in the universe?

The ‘New Yorker’ asked me to shoot a story on climate change in 2005, and I wound up going to Iceland to shoot a glacier. The real story wasn’t the beautiful white top. It ended up being at the terminus of the glacier where it’s dying. James Balog
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Climate change is not a discrete issue; it’s a symptom of larger problems. Fundamentally, our society as currently designed has no future. We’re chewing up the planet so fast, in so many different ways, that we could solve the climate problem tomorrow and still find that environmental collapse is imminent. Alex Steffen
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It is highly likely the major catastrophe of global warming, or climate change, is a new virus because of the information it contains, it could be us, we are the aliens we fear. It could be we destroy this planets climate.

It is only when the extreme happens that most of us that are human will notice the change.

What science has been trying to tell us is noticing the extreme is to late. So is it not true? The alien nature of climate change or of the next mass extinction event, may already be among us! Created by us, is us, or perhaps a virus released as the glaciers melt?

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I Could Hear the Waves Singing to my Spirit (part one)

I Could Hear the Waves Singing to my Spirit (part one)

A famous author once said, “It is impossible to write fifty bad short stories in a row.” I may prove him wrong?

Date: Aug 16, 1963

Location: Ogunquit, Maine.

Setting: sand dunes, beach, tides of Atlantic Ocean, Cabin by the Ocean.

Character: whtmtnspirit, (he lives inside of me)

Have you ever seen yourself in your dreams and realized, maybe you are not human?

My parents had five children over twenty years. I’m the only one born legally blind. I suffered a stroke at birth in my occipital lobe, and this would become both my fate and my destiny. Did my dad know that this son would be the one that would seek a life of extreme adventures? Did he know how fearless I would be in spite of the challenges? Did he know that I would see in nature, not limits, but boundaries I would want to know, what was on the other side of those boundaries? I only know this. He never said no, but always willing to guide me, teach me, and help me to set my spirit free to explore as it so passionately desired to do!!!! He would describe the risk and if I said that I accept those risks, he would go as far as giving me, teaching me how to use tools he designed, or had in his possession, to help me along the path I had chosen to walk!!!!

The Magic of the Ocean is most powerful at night, and twilight of dawn.

I was sitting in his electronics laboratory looking at what i would later learn was an oscilloscope. Upon the screen was a shape, (waveform) changing in shape only to again repeat a pattern of changes in its shape over and over again. He asked me if i would like to learn how to control this pattern behavior? Now what five year old boy can resist a challenge like that!!!

He attached three wires to the back of my head and set in front of me one of those balls that when you touch it an arch of electricity flows toward your hand. I learned very quickly that by changing the location of the bolt of electricity, it would change the pattern upon the oscilloscope screen. He then said to me, “can you tell which wire on the back of your head is connected to when you touch certain points upon the ball?” It did not take me long to learn how to control the pattern just by thinking about what shape i wanted it to take. However touching the ball to bring lightning to my fingers, this was just as intriguing an adventure as well?

So was just one of many adventures he would guide me on teaching me how I can see in situations with my senses, where others were dependent upon their eyes?

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. Sonia Gandhi

My dad designed many devices by which to help me learn how to see. This included enlargers where you could put a piece of paper under it and it would project it onto a wall in large print. We could not afford to buy one or far more realistic was, there was no need to, he built one for me and we didn’t need to spend that much money to make the same thing as I saw used in schools several years later.

I had my microscopes, telescopes, magnifying glasses he designed using lenses from tv’s and magnets from tv’s so I could explore my world just like any other child my age only the ways in which I did so, unique to me, an me alone. He acquired the complete set of lenses an optometrist used when giving a vision exam. These I used to explore my world, It really did in a sense become my world since I was in the same plane of existence as my friends, yet everything for me, was a different pattern than they used, in how i explored this parallel world? (Obviously I’m using metaphors now to explain my path in life, I knew nothing about back then.)

Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self. B. R. Ambedkar

It is always good to use quotes when you can to express perceptions in life experiences. This also shows while you may be unique, the fact the quote exists, shows us in that greater consciousness of the universe this is not knew knowledge, but only new to our particular generation.

I shall end part one with this furthering of background information. Every year for those first five years I went with my parents for three weeks in August, to a camp the family owned in Maine. The ocean I left behind when I left the womb, became far more infinite as I walked upon the beach, tried to count the grains of sand, (there was more than ten so that is a huge amount of sand to a five year old). I would count the waves, and again more than ten!!! I noticed patterns such as the tides, but also, the waves flowed with patterns to them as well.


Oh and my dad would help me at low tide dig holes in the sand. If i hit water to fast I would move up the beach toward the sand dunes so i could dig a deeper hole! However my dad cautioned me to be careful, if you dig the hole to deep and fall in, you would end up in China!!!

An excellent way to make sure a child follows the rules of safety his dad has taught him when digging holes in the sand at the beach! Of course as we all now know, one of the first things you will find once you dig deep enough, is water, mud, and the more you dig, the larger the hole grows in size, but not deeper. (it seems a boy while digging a hole on the beach had it collapse onto him and he suffocated to death before her parents could get her out)

Leave it to my dad to take a very very serious lesson, and turn it into a story that fit into my adventures so the lesson was learned with a positive attitude. Yup that was my mom and dad, the lessons were always when possible a story that fit into the adventure.


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I Could Hear the Waves Singing to my Spirit (part two)

I Could Hear the Waves Singing to my Spirit (part two)

As the ripples of time passed, my parents and eye doctor knew the challenge was to not let me give up what sight I could have. Yet to teach me that these boundaries in my eyesight, did not exist in my capacity to have vision. My ability to have perception of intuition through my senses was expanded in a way that created just the right balance so I would have best potential possible in ability of both. The world I knew could be seen and sensed and they merged as one through the minds ability to create vision.

Before you think this was easy to accomplish let me assure you, my parents and eye doctor found my adventures full of surprises and challenges for them as well. To this day the story is told in my family how when I got my first pair of glasses at age two, the first thing i did was take them to the garden, dig a hole and bury them!!! My dad was talking to my eye doctor who could see me, however he was facing my eye doctor so his back was toward me as i carried out this wondrous adventure of giving them back to the earth. For what purpose? To grow a second pair, or convinced I didn’t need them, or scared to suddenly see, a world I thought i knew, yet suddenly saw, it can look very very different than what I had come to know!!!

My boundaries were shattered by these things called glasses but is this good, bad? What is a two year old to think when he finds out, we perceive the world, even with eye sight, it is still only one specific viewpoint of what is reality? A lesson I would never ever forget it was so profound in the impression left upon my spirit!! I think what scared me, if that was my reaction, surely it was probably a mix of many thoughts and feelings that day! I saw a glimpse of infinity in possibilities, of how life can be experienced!!! No words to describe, but I felt the wisdom as perception of the unknowable that is always with us! Yes I stand by this, I learned this lesson that day!!! What other lessons, I do not know, can not remember, but at least I have, given you a glimpse of just how intense even at that age I believe the lessons were. Never assume because of age, what a child may not be capable of learning!

A disability to be blind? For certain i was!!! Do not think for one second that in a way I would guess even now this will be difficult for you to understand. I may of seen more at age two, than you were capable of seeing then, or now! Like the channels in the sand above, it may simply mean, see that sort of fork in the channels, you went straight, i took a turn walking right through that barrier of sand because to me, it wasn’t a barrier, it only looked like one to you. I had learned you can walk between the grains of sand, into whole new realms of perception in how to see the infinities of reality. where eyesight says there is no more, vision says, oh yes there is!!!

She sings her songs, relentlessly. Every second of every minute, of every hour, and this song is about six hours long tell the time is upon her for the tides to change.

There is the song of the tide coming in. Her shortest, the hour long song when the tides are changing. There is the song of the tide going out, the song of the full moon, of the storm she sees and feels long before you do.

But I am getting beyond where I should be, it is time for us to go from five to age eight, Yes I think that was the year, it happened, and again the world I knew, changed.

You see those buildings, and cottages on the other side of river that runs through the salt marsh? That is about how far away the cottage we stayed in was from the sand dunes that separated the salt Marsh from the ocean.

A brisk walk about the length of a football field to the left hand turn in the road, then down a small hill to the creamy burger stand. Once we had our lunch of fries, burgers, ice cream, we walked across the parking lot to the footbridge that crossed the river.. then onto a boardwalk like this one except there was no railings. Just a board walk up over the sand dunes.

the sand dunes I knew were not posted with keep out signs. I walked, ran, flew through them, jumping off some ten feet high into the sand below. Maybe higher? ummm yes there was one I loved to jump off of you could put three people standing on each others shoulders against the cliff of sand and they would just barely touch the top.

Here I buried treasure, to see if i could find it the next day. Oh yes to play pirates in the sand dunes. Sometimes I found what treasure others buried. I walked out one day with a six pack of soda, and a six pack of this strange brew that wasn’t soda. Imagine my “OH OH” response when my mom asked me “where did i get that six pack of beer from!” My dad calmly informed me i was to go back and leave it right where I found it, as I found it, and the soda to.

Oh and another lesson I learned. Don’t jump off of sand dunes near a man and woman wrapped in a blanket. They don’t like to play pirates, they were engaged in a different kind of play. Could not imagine what all the fuss was about from the sounds they were making as I ran by them charging up the next sand dune. I mean here is the great adventure of running through the sand dunes and all they want to do is wrap themselves in a blanket and make noises at each other? I guess the ocean can have a weird effect on some people. Sort of like the full moon werewolf. I hadn’t met a werewolf yet but gee on tv this guy called boris karloff, you should see what happens to him when there is a full moon!!!!

I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. Isaac Newton

On that day, the last of the storm tides were coming ashore. We had spent most of the afternoon at the beach with the tide going out. when we left around six it was half way on its journey. With low tide around 9pm, a hour to turn, and then it would come back in under the watchful light of a full moon.

I think in my spirit, I knew, yes, I knew. After playing all afternoon in a river of sand and seawater, draining back to the sea tell the next tide comes in, building dams, launching boats to float out to sea. sometimes she is so magical in the songs she sings!

end of part two.


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