The Art of Language in a Toddler (around one years old)


The Art of Language in a Toddler (around one years old)

Simon says, do what they do. (not showing you the picture of that! lollllll)


All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.

Martin H. Fischer

As a parent you get your first experience interacting with children from birth through all the stages of growth in life. As a grandparent, you get to revisit those memories and see what you remember, what you forgot, and see how, with each child the experience is similar, yet different. But we already knew that? Each child we watched grow, go through the terrible twos, angelic birth to six months? Those first steps, then they walk, and the world opens up to them as an adventure to explore, and explore they do!!!!! Oh how many more steps it takes to keep up with them once they start to crawl, then walk. There isn’t much time between crawling, those first steps, and walking.


Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long… We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Toys for $2.45 cents, yup i know you spent more than that!!! They like the $2.45 toys the best sometimes. lollll

Now this will be no mystery to us grandparents, they keep you on your toes, but as a grandparent you get that extra benefit, grandpa and grandma naps. In fact my granddaughter use to tell me, it was time for my grandpa nap, she didn’t want me to get to tired, and we had been very busy playing and she knew that its not easy for grandpas to keep up with granddaughters. They are very preceptive, and you don’t have to say anything, they just know!!!!

Now while grandparents know, new moms and dads have to learn, that a hundred dollar toy may not become there childs favorite toy… This parent trap catches every parent at least once where they try to do what they think is best for there child, and the child teaches them, how to save money. Us grandparents just look on and smile, yup we had that experience to!!!!

Now you may not see an amazing toy in a Andes Chocolate box. Oh but what we assume, no child will, so when i take out all the chocolates except for two? Yup just make sure you got all the plastic wrap off, close up the box with a couple chocolates inside and shake it. Your grandchild will see the noise maker, and knows something adults call good to eat is inside and get very curious, crawl to the coffee table and climb up into a standing position and start to shake the box with laughs, and giggles.

Cost of this toy, $2.45 and you get to eat the chocolate inside tell there is only two pieces left!!! Oh it will last until they try to eat the cardboard the box is made out of. Its that feeling or tasting the texture experiment they enjoy so much. Yup, they will try to eat the carbboard in same way you ate the chocolate.


Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.

Ernest Dimnet

There were to balls on the couch. I took the blue one, and he took the white one. I held the blue one, multicolor one in my right hand, and he held the smaller white one in his right hand as he held onto grandmas sleeve. He takes the white ball and puts it up to his mouth. With a motion of blowing bubbles with his mouth he rubs the ball back and forth across his mouth, and you hear a sound like; bub bub blah blah, bub flub dub dub blub. Now is he talking? Or is he singing? Maybe he just told us a story?

He looks at me as if to say, “your turn!” So I take the blue, multicolored ball and repeat his actions and do my best to repeat his sounds. He watches me closely and then smiles as if to say, “Hey, he just did what i did!” Mine didn’t sound exactly the same, but close enough. So he takes his white ball and does another sequence of sounds; flub blub mmmm mbub mbub bumub bu bu bub vmmm vmmm vmmm.”

I do the same and we play this game six, seven, maybe ten times with smiles and laughter. Oh yea he loves this game!! Now i’m not sure what we said to each other, then again maybe its not about the words, maybe its just, to sing to each other? Maybe its just as simple as, to practice sharing communication? To realize this is a from of art, to be shared?


Oh and then we find the boxes! We explore how they can be put one inside the other, or piled one on top of the other. We explore how you can put things into them and pull those things back out again. Oh and they make noise when you bang them against the coffee table, like a drum! Between grandma and myself we keep him very very busy, but he is keeping us busy as well!!! As he learns so do we, for we learn about him, his personality, his smiles, his laughter, his likes and dislikes. We learn that all grandparents have a child within them that seeks to be expressed when they are with there grandchildren.


Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

Rita Pierson

He rubs his eye, usually the right one, and grandma knows this means he is tired. She prepares a bottle and lies him down. Oh he fights the sleepy sandman, his world he wants to explore, yet soon, he is asleep and not for long but just long enough so he can wake up and explore again amazing world that surrounds him.

With smiles and hugs, we say goodbye when his parents say its time to go. What he does not see? That grandma, and myself are ready for grandparent naps as well!!! oh and more chocolate from the Andes box!!!

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Hillary security issues are fixable, but what we can’t fix, is Trump attitude which is why i say he is far more dangerous. I would not call either the Ideal candidate. I’m not sure , if off the record, anyone would call this election anything other than the election of deplorable candidates.


Plenty of ghouls in this presidential election. Now it seems James Comey may be the FBI ghoul that rigged the presidential election by violating the Hatch Act. Yup lets make him the ghoul on the right. We the American Citizens trying to vote, are the ghoul on the left. I would also suggest Trump is the Ghoul on the right, since his trumped up claims in his speeches, and x rated language, is specifically designed to ramp you up emotionally, to believe his hype, not the facts.

Remember this is a man with something like a dictator delusion? Certainly his ego makes it impossible for him to tell the truth. The same can be said about Hillary? I don’t like her mistakes, but have less fear of her lack of judgement on weightier issues of importance to this nation.

Unfortunately evidence weighs more heavily on side of trump saying his lies and behavior are the greatest threat to all of us? Example why is Trump not on Tv on Monday morning? Perhaps its because he bought out Comey, he was losing in the polls and needed to fake a story to bring his opponent down to his level, yet in his campaign speeches he is ramping up his base over Comey letter to believe you the people have no future unless you elect him as president. He relentlessly hypes this election is rigged.  Comey letter of nothing but innuendos gave him all the info he needed to make a fabricated case against Hillary so he doesn’t lose the election, no matter how crooked his ways to win.

Hillary simply has so much baggage i question if she should have run for president, but do think she is more presidential in behavior. Yea no wonder Americans are the ghoul on the left. We are starved for presidential candidates with less baggage, less of a tainted past, but keep in mind, there is a institution worse in behavior than either one of these candidates. The Congress of the United States.

Reality, don’t miss this: Trump is, a serial lair but his followers believe him with all of their heart, not sure they are using their mind to think.


Hillary, main issue is, security. She just doesn’t do well on security issues. I will not begin to try to defend her on this topic. Private server? No she should of known better, but, here is the twist. It seems the United States has a even greater security issue. How did she get through an entire term as Secretary of State and the United States did not discover she was using a private server until she left that position? Seriously our national security is that sloppy?

Comey letter of innuendos combined with, case closed then reopened with eleven days left to the election, suggest the real pirate in this mess is our national security, FBI, CIA, Snowden, Russia hacking emails, Wikileaks, and not just Snowden but remember him? The United States needs a better cyberspace security infrastructure and better policy around internet protocol or electronic records. You can say thanks to the Congress of the United States for not addressing this issue when they were asked to.


Trump has no great truths in any of his campaign speeches, nor promises. Definitely none he lives by example in his life. I predict if he is elected, we will see war, nuclear very possible within his first thirty to sixty days in office. Some however suggest he may go the way of Lincoln and die by assassination within his first two months of being elected. In researching history i found this, highly probable, his profile fits as one likely to have this be their fate. The war may come first, assassination second, and that historically is part of reason i call the scenario, bizarre, but possible.

Now lets see what else he has promised, jobs, but is that a lie? Probably since your vision of jobs he would create, is not if pressed for details, the kind of jobs hes talking about. His jobs will have your working and living in poverty. He will not be raising the minimum wage, but may lower it. He cannot bring jobs back from overseas, only congress can actually do that.

He, Trump, will reverse Row vs Wade? Folks this world is so far beyond where we were in our technology when Row vs Wade was passed, nothing good can come out of reversing Row vs Wade. Pharmacy will love it if you do, they will create a sterilization pill to be distributed to the less desirable s in society.  Sound bizarre? We have a understanding of genetics and epigenetics that does make such policy possible. We can choose, as personal choice abortions under Roe vs Wade, as a personal reflection of ethics, morals. Without Roe vs. Wade that choice goes away and the same fate becomes a question of choices of even less dignity since it would be to obey policy passed by government in other ways.

“With Essure, you’ll never have to worry about unplanned pregnancy again. Essure is 99.74% effective with zero pregnancies once the tubes are confirmed to be closed, making it the most effective form of permanent birth control available.

The Essure procedure is permanent and is NOT reversible. Therefore, you should be sure you do not want children in the future.”

You thought i was kidding? Ripleys believe it or not!!! You don’t want to reverse Woe vs Wade, we are way beyond that issue. However the ethical, moral issue, that will always be with us.


Should we turn the clock back on womans rights? While you fuss over voting for Hillary because of emails, the greater issue Trump represents, is how he will turn back attitude toward woman, children. Woman will again be turned into objectified possessions, and you will see this attitude for next four years coming out of the white house if Trump is elected president.. Yea the locker room talk was not just talk, their is plenty of evidence he does not respect woman, or children, except his own.

This issue should of been more of a policy, campaign issue considering what he represents in policy on this issue. Trump isn’t really talking about making things better, if you listen carefully, in many ways he is talking about turning to clock back to times of prejudice, hate, bigotry, poverty, indecent attitudes toward woman children, color of skin as racial issue, subversion of immigrants rights, by building walls to keep immigrants out?

You want to know the best solution to immigration issue in this country, elect Trump as president!!! Even American citizens of good standard will want to leave, or take up arms against the domestic terror from within this country he is more than happy to fuel the flames of. Yup elect Trump and watch the immigration rate to this country drop like a rock, and watch the mass exodus from those that can afford it. They will come back when he is gone.


The lose cannon in our political system is not Hillary Clinton and her emails, it goes far beyond her, and it is Trump that actually best represents the problem, and is least presidential in presenting the solution. This is the frustration i think of many. They stay with him for the promises, blinded by the fact, these are the true lies for in substance there is nothing, just like in Comey letter, of innuendos, there is so far, nothing else their. Hillary is not trusted, yet has substance in her policy.

The other lose cannon, no matter whom you elect for president, will congress co operate amidst its own members for the sake of what is best for this country? To date they serve no one but their special interest groups and political platforms strictly along party lines. The disease seems to be getting worse in government, not better.


Healthcare!!! Yes the premiums went up and no its not the fault of obamacare. Easy to blame Obamacare but the issue is healthcare trends, not the exchange, its policy of delivery of services and private insurance companies, pharmacy, hospitals, and our behaviors in this country and how that effects health.

Trump would have you believe its solved by appealing Obamacare. While this may make you happy, it would make the problem worse, not better. So again you are being fed what you want to hear but not what is the truth? Yes politicians are afraid of the light, which is truth. Yet we understand children being afraid of the dark because to them this is an unknown, and what they want to know, is the truth. Do we not owe it to our children to have leadership that embraces and tells the truth? Their is nothing more dark in our children’s lives right now than policy of our government.

This blog is written at 9:30am on Monday oct 31, with what facts, i have in the moment. It is just that, thoughts in the moment and not a deep dive into the issues, just a reference to the mess we are in at this point in time.

I do believe, there is a good possibility your vote is more for the vice president becoming president, not the presidential candidates. I also believe the most important issue may be congress, and the white house, not just the white house. Eight days and we have an election.


What this country looks like on that day and the day after, is the more serious issue. Not just the election itself.

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Can Trump be a Abraham Lincoln? He’s missing more than the top hat. Another Trump Circus Side Show?

Can Trump be a Abraham Lincoln? He’s missing more than the top hat.

Another Trump Circus Side Show?


Gettysburg Address

“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead who struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us–that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Government for the People, means elected officials serve you every day of their term in office.


“conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

America is divided in ways today that is very similar to the division that created the civil war. When we do forget that all men are created equal, we start to judge whom is important in society and whom is not. You see this every day in racial tensions, social economic tensions, healthcare disparity issues, economic growth issues that favor people with the right kind of education, and ignore those that do not have that specific kind of education. Last i will simply mention the cost of education is in itself creating class segregation. Those that can afford college, those that can not, those that will be in debt the rest of their life for no crime other than they considered education itself important to the quality of life they seek to have.

Relentlessly Donald Trump has shown he does not support equality as Lincoln outlined it in his Gettysburg Address. He may be in the same place, but can not wear Lincoln shoes and it is just more Trump disrespect that he chose this location to give a speech. Lincoln did not propose his own agenda at Gettysburg. He reminded the nation that he could not consecrate this ground, for the lives of those that died that had already done so. He then went on to remind everyone the legacy of this battle was the principles fought for by them. He put their actions as the most meaningful justification that the words he was speaking , were no longer just words.

It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us–that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”


Trump has relentlessly invalidated in his entire campaign the very ideals fought for in the civil war. Is he seeking to embrace Lincoln speech or invalidate it? From Gettysburg will he declare an America that is now prejudice? Promising jobs that will impoverish more Americans in low paying jobs, if they get paid at all, while persons like him will continue to not pay taxes, become more rich off of your hard work, to the point that the national debt will increase at your expense, you will suffer, while the Trump elite you can’t see becomes more rich.


We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead who struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.

Mr Trump it is a disgrace you pick Gettysburg as your place to campaign, another Trump side show, considering you were unable to admit to a certain family how brave their son was in his sacrifice for this country. As his dad says with tears, is there a place for my son in your vision of America?

I raise the bar Mr Trump!!! What can you do at Gettysburg but ask forgiveness for the way in which you have stood against everything those that died there did stand for, died for, and yet you opposed with indifference everything Gettysburg does stand for in speeches you gave throughout your entire campaign.


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The Plague of the Beastly Trump (Pinocchio of the White House?)

The Plague of the Beastly Trump

(Pinocchio of the White House?)


Eighteen days to Presidential election, and this nation is weary of the stress, threats to democracy places upon it?

Donald Trump continues to say, he will only accept election results, IF HE WINS.

Right now he would not win an election within his own party, but is certain he should win the presidential election in the nation. If he does not, then he says the election is rigged, because he didn’t win. This assumes he knows how America will vote, or he is telling them how they will vote.

Donald your comments are often said, as the showman you are, which is not the context in which they should be said politically. Yet you relentlessly put the entertainer in your campaign speech as your best you have to offer as what your personality will be as president. Be aware if elected nations will ban you from visiting there nation , will isolate themselves from international relationships with United States. They will be preparing for the war you will create with them.They will be clear as to their reasons why. Your relentless lies alone will be enough no nation will want to take time to talk with you, why should they, nothing you say, can be believed. Your lack of ability to embrace the true principles of democracy and to say lies, but do what is only in your best interest, you personally, no foreign power can trust you. Our borders will be closed by other nations, not by you.

No female dignitary will entertain you, and if they do, it will be with constant surveillance and protocol given to you before hand,  how to act around a woman, in ways that shows her respect. You will be told to keep your kisses and hands to yourself.


Understand Donald Trump, Russia loves you because with you in power, Russia can make war with the United States, and win. The bear you will invite to America, with open arms, and it will vanquish you! Putin dream will come true, courtesy of the Trump Legacy, and then he will assassinate you once you have done his bidding. The pain to see in your arrogance you cannot see the truth. You are no match for KGB.



Your hate for woman in general is undeniable. I’m sure there are some you do respect? That is not the point to be concerned about. What is of concern is how you treat woman you don’t like, if you don’t like them, it becomes actions of disrespect quickly turning into predator behavior. Ten woman as victims is ten to many, no matter how many you have respected it is the disrespect that is the issue. To be fair, i’m not sure you respect anyone that disagrees with you, but this is especially true in how you treat woman you have no respect for. The only people you truly never disrespect is your own immediate family, that we know of.



This is a good image of what would happen with the jobs you create. You see the plight of middle class america, and the plight of the poor. You know what they want and make promises, i can fix this!!! You will get your jobs back!!! We will build a wall and get rid of the undesirables. We will make better trade deals with foreign powers. You will appoint judges to supreme court that takes away human rights of choice. Leave the second amendment as is, while your calling for vigilante presence at polls to monitor for rigged voting?

While i can see core issues in your statements I also see distortion in context in how you present the issues in your campaign speeches. You are the judge in image above, sending away democracy, while you impoverish the people with just enough of what you promised them, to keep them enslaved to your promises while you degrade them and take away their rights, their democracy. Neo fascist government you intend to establish as a cult within this democracy creating domestic terrorism you say your against, but you will call it, a revolution.

Donald Trump what is below is you, and there are many other definitions that describe you, all have the same theme.

   Definition of neofascism. : a political movement arising in Europe after World War II and characterized by policies designed to incorporate the basic principles of fascism(as nationalism and opposition to democracy) into existing political systems.

You have taken 30% of Americans, and acting out a Hitler type rise to power? There anger is what empowers you, for they are blind to the danger you are to them!! You are good Mr. Trump at domestic political terrorism.


Knowledge you have no respect for. Your constantly using distorted facts as truth. This brings to light another more serious issue. Mr. Trump, just what would you have our children learn in school? To salute you? That what the president says is truth no matter what they read that says otherwise? Would you ask that all children learn to act like you in their behaviors as, behavior that is honorable?

Of this i am certain you would not encourage in them, a positive attitude of hope, faith in God, in democracy, a sense of respect, freedom of speech. The only children you respect we can see in your own as to how you think children should be, when grown up if parented right. You have never validated this countries children as valuable, EVER!!!! Nor their parents.  All of these things, that you don’t respect, a president of the United States must respect to be qualified to be, president of the United States.


It is time to get real about the Trump brand, and the fact is it is a lie. Some are now beginning to realize this is the truth… You used them and their anger, hope, and scammed them for the sake of profit that went into your pocket, they got the bill. Is it time to erase the image of the Trump brand, and let the truth of what it really is, be reavealed. Wikileaks if used against you? You Mr. Trump would not survive a week of released emails you have written, how vulgar they are!!!! Vile in ways that even what we do know about things you have been caught saying, are tame to what those emails would reveal.

The fact is your so vile, Mr. Trump, you are helping to elect Hillary Clinton as president. She is indeed with a long history of wonderful things she has done, and yet, many mistakes and far from perfect. Yet compared to you, she the  knight seeking to preserve democracy, while you Mr. Trump are a rerun of the movie, LENNY, DON’T TAKE AWAY MY WORDS. His most vile performance was not done with words, but actions.


Putins puppet? I ask the question of how many nations, special interest you will be a puppet to if elected? But i am certain Americans will not control , any of these strings. Your clear as well that in your mind you should be able to control woman in this way. Those you hand pick to make victims of your predatory behavior. Even in business, your image is predatory.


The monster of the republican party that even they called a whopper of disgust.

There are those more powerful than you Mr. Trump, that do respect democracy. Do treat others with respect and dignity, do not create racial and social economic class structure as you do in defining social status and value of the person as you do. They will take on the monster in you when the time is right.

Mr. Trump i give you credit for this, you are a entertainer, predator business , with some successes in both. Your tried to take that background and go into politics. Reagan was an actor and pulled it off. You as entertainer, i don’t think it works, because an entertainer is just that twenty four hours a day. It is easy to see when an actor is an actor, for they are on set, in a movie, etc. You? Mr. Trump, have learned people like you best as entertainer. Because that is what you are good at. Oh and making profit off of the misfortune of others, like Mr. Scrooge.

My apologies to Herman Munster, for he has by far more of a dignified character than you do. So it may of been a injustice to compare him to you.

end of democracy as we have known it?

Ebony, Remain Alive, Make a Difference

Ebony, Remain Alive, Make a Difference

The above is a Thesaurus translation of the phrase, Black Lives Matter.

There is many ways to say something, and each way gives a different impression as to context of meaning.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau

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In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson
What is the current in today’s society? If not flawed in how it embraces principle. This is just one of many issues with Black Lives Matter, true their lives deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and they are not. However our entire society treats life as being less in value, and life in many ways has a price tag associated with it, and that is all it is worth? For you information, black lives are not the cheapest lives in our society, in fact they disrespect, the cheapest lives in our society as much as the white society of this country does, there crimes just as horrific, even against their own, blacks kill blacks as if life has no value? Some of their leaders have been quoted as saying they have issues within themselves as a people in not treating life with dignity and respect.

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Summum Bonum ,,”The greatest good, sometimes understood as sought by all. The concept was introduced into ethics by Aristotle and taken up by Aquinus.” Does Black Lives Matter embrace this idea in its slogan? The slogan itself in no way suggests this is true. It does suggest only Black Lives Matter, to know that this is not what it means, you must always ask someone to explain to you, what it really does mean, and assume they are telling you the truth, and giving you the same answer everyone else is being given. This is not a sign of a good slogan, nor good leadership.

Reductio Ad Absurdum, Method of arguing which refutes a proposition by showing that something absurd or contradictory follows from it.  I do believe this is true in the Black Lives Matter cause. While i can uphold a greater good in its ideal, I can hardly support the cause itself because the movement seems to be creating silos in society, and not doing much to actually heal society.. but enhancing fragmentation of our society.

and what of police brutality? While Blacks say they are treated unfairly compared to white people in how often they are treated with brutality, disrespect, killed. They disrespect that many in our society that are of other populations experience what they experience far more severely, in greater numbers per their total population, than blacks will ever experience. they are not even aware it seems of these other populations. its always just about blacks,, and blacks only. If this is not a reverse prejudice, what is it? Disgraceful, as much as i respect them, i also find their propaganda in their campaign disgraceful. It disrespects to many others so severely they do not even recognize they exist.

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Prima Facie, A term often used to indicate that something— an obligation, a right, evidence, has a presumptive force that will hold unless defeated by a superior consideration. Black Lives Matter as a slogan will always have a Prima Facie associated with it. It by itself is as a motto similar to any race in history that declared themselves the supreme race. No doubt in my mind that is not the message intended, Yet if there is a hint of truth in the fact this attitude is implied to exist, even in how they treat each other. Would this not explain the violence as, yes police brutality exists, but would they not get more of it by virtue of their attitude? and is that not one of arguments police give that when stopping persons that are black, attitude interaction is often what goes wrong?

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Here is a issue I think Black Lives Matter is trying to focus on, and again, struggling to do so and i think in many ways they fail to deliver the message, or the press refuses to report it.

Distributive Justice,,,, “that part of justice, whether legal or moral, concerning itself with the fair distribution of benefits and burdens.” This appears to be a core message to be delivered within the black Lives Matter movement.

So such slogans as , “No Justice, No Peace” is almost more a self fulfilling prophecy. Where Distributive Justice does not exist, you will not find peace around the issues where distributive justice is failing.

It seems the Dialectic conversation between whites and blacks, society and blacks, is struggling to speak, the same language, and there can be no conversation as the word implies unless the two sides can at least speak the same language.

The Syllogism: all Lives Matter, all Blacks have life, therefore, all Black Lives Matter. Do you see the problem? you can’t pick as your slogan the ending statement, you will always be trying to explain the first two statements so people can understand the third, or they will apply their own interpretation.

(this reflects as reflective commentary on current events involving Black Lives Matter as i think through the issues. In no way is it meant to suggest lack of value of any life, only reflect on trying to understand the movement and slogan, Black Lives Matter. Personally i’m leaning toward, they don’t have the right issues as their priority in respect  to what they are focused on. I do think they have a horrible slogan considering what it seems to be representing. It is possible the saying itself is so bad it is hindering the conversations that need to occur, and may be contributing to the violence, this i find tragic.

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The Bedim Dell,, part one, (fiction)

The Bedim Dell  Part one, (fiction)


Nature has her places of obscurity. May the Creator have mercy on anyone that dares explore such places. Especially if they really do find what they were looking for, or thought they knew what they were looking for, which may not be what they find! I testify that in the wilderness of the White Mountain National Forest are curiosities that simply cannot be explained, and places best left undisturbed. Legends that intrigue, and should be left as campfire stories.

Some will dare even against the advice of the experienced hikers and guides. There are always some that do not survive, or simply, vanish, and others come back with tales no one will ever believe. Alex


Alex – Twenty years experience as a trail guide within the White Mountains of the Northeast. Known for her expertise in survival skills, knowledge of the terrain and environmental behavior, weather patterns. She is considered to be an expert in the legends and myths of the white mountains specifically, and very well versed in New England Legends.

Zor – Loves the Wilderness adventure, but never hikes alone. Needs the help of others with better survival skills. Always posting on bulletin boards looking for someone to hike with. Kind of considered to be more of a liability by others that have gone on hikes with him.

Aza – Loves to exploit Mother Nature for profit. Well known as a treasure hunter with a tendency to be over confident, and impatient. Moderate survival skills, but horrible sense of direction. Prefers to hire guides so he will not get lost..

White Mountains of New Hampshire – home to highest mountain peak in Northeast. Land of some of the most extreme weather patterns one can encounter. The White Mountains can kill very easily even the most experienced hiker. Difference between magnetic North and True North in this region, 17 degrees.

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Alexandrine looked at the email again contemplating if she wanted to take this proffer. The terms were good, but the reason given troubled her.. She had spent the better part of her life as a guide in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Her reputation was excellent and she was especially well known for being able to manage difficult situations and get everyone back safely. Group hikes with children loved to hire her since she was also well versed campfire stories to keep children entertained, and put just enough spook into the children that they didn’t wander away from camp, nor get to much of a dare devil, know it all attitude.

Her experience with some of the most dangerous terrain the White Mountains had to offer was why she had gotten this proffer, but the purpose of the estimated week long hike had her hesitating to say yes.. After taking another sip of coffee she made her decision and typed a reply accepting to lead two men by the name of Zor and Aza into some of the White Mountains more remote wilderness. What she could not know, was in spite of her experience with the mountains, this breed of adventurer she had not encountered before.

Aza was feeling quite smug with himself for getting Alex as a guide for Zor and himself. She would be bringing them into the Willey Range. For a year he had been carefully trying to find someone well versed in the area he needed to go into yet someone that would not ask to many questions about his other motives for wanting to go on this trip. He had talked with her several times now to firm up the finer details of the trip presenting it as two men just wanting to experience the extreme nature of the wilderness experience.

He was still upset with Zor who almost got Alex to suspicious when he mentioned there was a possibility none of them would be returning. He managed to explain Zor comment away as his friend was not always very confident in his attitude toward the adventures they went on, yet he would be the first to insist he wanted to be part of the adventure. Still Alex raised her price saying due to attitude issues this had changed her thinking in how she would guide them into and through this adventure. Aza agreed without hesitation, just as long as he didn’t have to tell her his true purpose was to find, the Bedim Dell.

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Zor knew he was Aza only friend that was willing to go with him on this trip. All of his other friends insisted the White Mountains had been scoured so intensely since the 1800’s there was no way a place could exist and not be on the map… Zor knew why Aza was so determined. He had been with him when Aza found in a book store a torn up but well used journal of a former trail guide that worked in the White Mountains.. It was in this journal Aza heard for the first time the tale of the Bedim Dell..

“We took the Kancamagus HIghway up to see the Captain. We left our jeep and started hiking according to the captain directions to signal ridge.” Zor had memorized the next part. “Follow the trail of desolation to the Bedim Dell. Hale the gates of Hell, the angel and devil are one!” at the bottom of the page the guide had written, The Bedim Dell was not listed on maps even though it did exist.

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The Bedim Dell Part Two, (fiction)

The Bedim Dell  Part Two, (fiction)

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Aza had a plan for how to get to Zealand Notch. Without tell Alex why, he was going to suggest following Kangamagus highway tell they got to one of the trail-heads parking areas, then hike in through trails leading to the Captain and beyond. Zor had suggested approaching the hiking trip from the north, heading south, then east through the cliffs tell they got to Zealand Notch. Both plans had advantages and disadvantages.. Aza knew that Zor plan made sense if they wanted to keep the trip to a certain length of time. However going by way of the captain made sense if one was looking to follow the clues starting with the very first one, the Kangamagus Highway. He was certain Alex would at least let them choose what location they started there trip from as long as she felt it was a reasonable request from her perspective as guide of this trip.

A week later Alex had surpassed both Aza and Z0r expectations Her knowledge of the area and its legends had helped them understand the cryptic nature of the legend. Some clues had been found just by hiking the same path as the legend had suggested.. Yet they were now on the northern end of Zealand Notch and Alex had announced she was guiding them to 13 falls campsite. She felt this was the best tactical point to make camp tell they, (her hagglers as she liked to think of them since they were always talking in a way of bartering when suggesting what there preference was) Aza and Zor could figure out there differences in how to precede from here.

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Hagglers Beguile

All three of them enjoyed the campfire while soothing there sore muscles. Alex smiled as she realized her hagglers may be thinking they got more than they anticipated when they asked for a remote wilderness experience. She had also noticed a change in attitude as they approached and traveled through Zealand Notch.. She had to much experience not to notice an obvious refocusing of priorities taking place in Aza first, but Zor showed the same change occurring within him.

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As the flames died down and the coals reddish glow became the light the three could see by the conversation changed from the days adventures to tomorrows plans. Zor suggested they set there goal for the day as hiking to hellgate and then hike through the harsh terrain to the cliffs. Perhaps there was some clues to be found within hellgate and up on the cliffs? Aza had other ideas, he wanted to go back through Livermore and explore the area around Zealand Pass.. and the Zealand Cliffs.

As Alex listened she could now clearly hear a undertone that had nothing to do with the hike itself, but she was finding her initial suspicions confirmed. These two were treasure hunters with Aza being the one that was clearly becoming obsessed with finding whatever he was looking for. Zor was more into the adventure but well aware that whatever this thing is they were looking for was the final goal of this hike. However, he spoke of the goal more as a mystery within the adventure, not as the sole purpose of the hike..

As the fire was giving up the last of its light, it was clear Aza was going back to Zealand Notch on his own. Alex saw no reason to be alarmed since Zealand Notch was a popular destination even for a place embedded in Wilderness only accessible by trails.. He had proven his skills adequate for his plans, and he rarely listened to her advice anyways as to where he wanted to go, but did listen to her advice on managing the terrain.

Zor idea actually made more sense to her but she was the guide taking them where they wanted to go. Still Zor did not have adequate skills for going to Hellgate, much less so for hiking through it to the cliffs. She abruptly got up, wished Aza good luck on his choice and then pointed to Zor as she looked at Aza, “I will guide him to and through Hellgate. We will meet in four days at Zealand Hut at the north end of Zealand Notch and then as you have requested i will guide you up to Hale Mt. by way of the lend a hand trail.

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